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    (共16张PPT) Unit 1 1. _________ adj.文化的 2. _________ adj.稀罕的;珍贵的 3. _________ adj.贵重的 4. _________ vi. 幸存 5. _________ vt.选择 cultural rare valuable survive select 6. _________ n. & vt.设计 7. _________ adj.奇特的 8. _________ vt.移除 9. _________ adj.当地的 10. ________ n.艺术家 design fancy remove local artist 11. ____________ adj.令人吃惊的 12. ____________ vi.爆炸 13. ____________ n.谜 14. ____________ n.证据 15. ___________ n.目击者 amazing explode mystery evidence eyewitness 16. __________ n.辩论 17. __________ n.入口 18. __________ adj.非正式的 19. __________ n.朝代 20. ________________ vi.下沉 debate entrance informal dynasty sink (sank, sunk) __________________________ 寻找 2. _________________ 用奇特的风格 3. _________________ 用……装饰 4. _________________ 属于 5. _________________ 作为回报 in search of/search for in a fancy style decorate with belong to in return 6. _____________ 一支;一组 7. _______________________多于/少于 8. ______________ 分开;拆散 9. ______________ 在受审判 10. _____________ 处于战争中 a troop of more than/less than take apart be on trial be at war 11. ______________ 高度赞扬 12. ______________而不是 13. ______________充当 14. ________________ 仍然是个谜 15. ______________处理 think highly of rather than serve as remain a mystery deal with 16. ___________________________ 前者……后者…… 17. ________________________ 丢失;不见了 18. ________________________ 毫无疑问…… 19. ___________________________ 世界上的伟大奇观 20. ___________________________________ ___________________ 值得做…… the former…the latter… be missing/be (get) lost There is no doubt that… great wonders of the world be worth doing/be worthy of being done / it is worthwhile to do 1.让人吃惊的是,古代人居然能够建造出如此伟大的建筑。 It is amazing that the ancient people could have built such great architecture. 2. 古代的人是怎么建立起如此壮观的建筑,现在仍然是个谜。 It remains a mystery how ancient people built such magnificent architecture at that time. 3.长城建于一个战火纷飞的时期。 The Great Wall was built at a time when countries were at war. 4.俄罗斯人民为装饰新的琥珀屋所做的事情受到了高度赞扬。 What Russians have devoted to decorating the new Amber Room is highly thought of. 5.重建北京圆明园这样的文化遗址值得吗? Is it worth rebuilding lost cultural relics such as Yuanming Yuan in Beijing? 6.文化遗产是属于全民的宝藏,而不是属于某个人的。 A cultural relic is a treasure belonging to all people rather than belonging to any individual. 7.毫无疑问,以前的琥珀屋不见了。 There is no doubt that the former Amber Room is missing. 8. 由世界最著名的建筑师之一所设计的北京鸟巢,建筑风格奇特。 The Bird's Nest in Beijing,designed by one of the most famous architects in the world,was built in a fancy style. 9. 我赞成前一种观点,但我的弟弟却坚定地赞成后一种观点。 I am in favor of the former opinion while my brother firmly approves of the latter one. 汉语大意:泰姬陵被认为是世界上的伟大奇观之一。它由当地的一个建筑师设计,风格奇特。陵内由很多宝石装饰着,它是国王为了纪念他其中一个妃子而建造的,当时最优秀的工匠花了22年多时间才完成。毫无疑问,泰姬陵是印度后期建筑风格的典范。它是一个值得参观的地方。 The Taj Mahal is considered to be one of the great wonders of the world. It was designed by a local architect in a fancy style. The Taj Mahal, decorated with a lot of jewelry, was built in memory of one of the king’s wives, which cost the best artists more than 22 years to complete. There is no doubt that the Taj Mahal is the finest example of the late style of Indian architecture. It’s a place that is worth visiting. (共16张PPT) Unit 2 1. __________ adj.古代的 2. ________ adj.希腊(人)的 n. 希腊人/ 语 3. __________ n.志愿者 4. __________ n.希腊 5. __________ n.祖国 ancient Greek volunteer Greece homeland 6. ___________ n.运动员 7. ___________ n.冠军 8. ______________ n.锦标赛 9. ___________ n.教练员 10. __________ n.裁判 athlete champion championship coach judge 11. __________ n.观众 12. __________ adj.迅速的 13. __________ n.跑道 14. __________ adj.物理的;身体的 15. ____________ n.场地 spectator swift track physical ground/field 16. ____________ n.操场,运动场 17. __________ n.事件,大事 18. ____________ n.表现 19. __________ n. (露天大型)体育场 20. __________ v.鼓掌欢迎,热情称赞 playground event performance stadium applaud 1. _____________ 在……方面竞争 2. _____________ 参加 3. _____________ 金牌 4. _____________ 代表; 主张 5. ____________________ 渴望竞争 compete in take part in gold medal stand for eager for competition 6. ________________ 势均力敌的比赛 7. ________________ 提升技能 8. ________________________ 申办奥运会 9. _________________ 定期地 10. ________________ 作为……被接受 a close game improve skills bid for the Olympic Games on a regular basis be admitted as 11. ___________________ 与……竞争 12. ___________________保持世界纪录 13. ___________________事实上 14. ___________________记录保持者 15. ___________________被允许做某事 compete with/against hold the world record as a matter of fact record holder be allowed to do 16. _______________ 打破记录 17. _______________和……赛跑 18. _______________大众健康 break the record run against general health 1. 我们看了电视实况转播的足球赛。 We watched the football match on live television. 2.在北京举行的2008年奥运会是一届成功的奥运会。 The 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing turned out to be a great success. 3.每位参赛选手都想得第一名。 Every competitor wanted to win the first place. 4. 2008年奥运会在北京举行,这是我们极大的荣誉。 The 2008 Olympics were held in Beijing, which is a great honour to us. 5.所有运动员为金牌而战也为荣誉而战。 All the players compete for honor as well as gold medals. 6.福娃是2008年北京奥运会的官方吉祥物,它们向全世界的孩子们传达来自中国的友谊、和平和美好的祝福。 Fuwa, the official mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, carry a message of friendship, peace and good wishes from China to children all over the world. 7.我们大家都得参加跑步训练,无人例外。 We all had to take part in the training run, with nobody excepted. 8.大卫将代替迈克参加下周的网球赛。 David will replace Mike in next week’s tennis competition. 9.射击原先是一种生存手段,到了19世纪晚期才发展成为一种运动项目。 Shooting, originated as a means of survival, developed into a sport only in the late 19th century. 10.到了1968年奥运会,女性才被允许参加射击项目。 Women were first allowed to compete in the Olympic shooting only in 1968. 汉语大意:射击原来只是一种谋生手段,于19世纪末发展成为一项体育运动。1896年,射击第一次成为奥运项目。这一体育项目在1904年和1928年曾两次被取消,1932年又重返奥运会。直到1968年奥运会,女性才被允许参加这一比赛项目。1896年奥运会只有3项射击项目,随着该项目的稳步发展,现今已有17项了。 Shooting, simply a means of making a living, developed into a kind of sport at the end of the 19th century. It first appeared in the 1896 Olympic Games. Canceled in 1904 and in 1928, the sport returned to the Olympics in 1932. It was not until 1968 that women were first allowed to compete in Olympic shooting. Now, with its steady development, shooting includes 17 events, while there were only 3 in 1896. (共17张PPT) Unit 3 1. ____________ adj.电子的 2. _____________ adj.科技的 3. ____________ adj.总的 4. ____________ adj.智能的 5. ____________ adj.人造的 electronic technological total intelligent artificial 6. ____________ adj.普遍的 7. ____________ adj.移动的 8. ____________ adv.就个人而言 9. ____________ n.网络 10. ___________ n.优点 universal mobile personally network advantage 11. ______________ n.病毒 12. ______________ n.方便,便利 13. ______________ n.信号 14. ______________ n.利益,好处 15. ______________ n.幸福 virus convenience signal benefit happiness 16. ____________ n.应用 17. ____________ vt.简化 18. ____________ v.解决 19. ____________ vt.下载 20. ____________ vt.探索 application simplify solve download explore 1. ___________ 从……时起 2. ___________ 结果 3. ___________ 如此……以至于…… 4. ___________ 在某种程度上 5. _______________在……的帮助下 from...on as a result so...that in a way with the help of 6. _______________ 处理 7. _______________ 看守 8. _______________ 随着时间的推移 9. _______________ 与……分享…… 10. ______________ 实际上;事实上 deal with watch over as time goes by share...with... in reality 11. _____________ 共同;共有 12. _____________ 网上购物 13. ______________________ 充分利用 14. ______________________ 技术革命 15. _____________ 用鼠标点击 in common shop online make good use of a technological revolution click on sth. 16. ______________________越来越流行 17. ________________ 为……提供…… 18. __________________________ 对……做出巨大贡献 19. ________________ 上网 20. __________________________________ 从网上下载信息 more and more popular provide...with... make a great contribution to... surf the Internet download information from the Internet 1.随着时间的推移,爱因斯坦的理论证明是正确的。 As time went by, Einstein’s theory proved to be correct. 2.雨连续下了三天,结果,我们不得不取消去上海的行程。 The rain had lasted for three days, and as a result, we had to cancel the trip to Shanghai. 3.他如此努力工作,以至于很少回家。 He works so hard that he seldom goes home. 4.他很有语言天赋,不但能讲日语还能讲英语。 He has a talent for languages. He can speak English as well as Japanese. 5.我不在乎你说什么,无论如何我都要做。 I don’t care what you say; I’m going to do it anyhow. 6.这项计划已经由专家研究过三次了。 The plan has been studied by the experts three times. 7.有电脑帮助,人们在家办公是可行的。 With the help of the computer, it will be possible for humans to work at home. 8.就我个人而言,我不喜欢网上购物,因为有可能受骗。 Personally,I don’t like shopping online because we may be cheated online. 9.从那时起,他就下定决心要提高自己的英语成绩了。 From then on, he made up his mind to improve his English. 10.从某个方面来看,他为我们国家做出了巨大贡献。 In a way, he made a great contribution to our country. 汉语大意:由于有了互联网,世界正变得越来越小,我认为这对人们是有利的。首先,在互联网的帮助下,人们可以在家办公,在电脑前收发所需信息。其次,人们也可以通过网络买卖所需物品,而传统商店不能提供这么大的自由。最后,人们可以在需要时从网上下载各种信息资料,可以在几秒钟内发送电子邮件给朋友。 我喜欢上网,因为网络可以带来更多的选择与自由。 Thanks to the Internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller and I think it’s good for people. Firstly, with the help of the Internet, it’s possible for people to work at home with a computer in front, sending and getting the information they need. Secondly, they can also choose to buy or sell whatever they want by the Internet, while traditional shops don’t provide them with such great freedom. Thirdly, they can download all kinds of information from the Internet whenever it’s necessary and e-?mails can be sent to their friends in just a few seconds. I love surfing the Internet, for it brings a lot more choices and freedom. (共16张PPT) Unit 4 1. ___________ n.野生动植物 2. ___________ n.危险 3. ___________ v.保护 4. ___________ n.保护 5. ___________ n.成长;增长 wildlife danger protect protection growth 6. _________ adj.自然的 7. _________ v.影响 8. _________ n.影响 9. _________ n.和平;和睦;安宁 10. _____________ n.方便;便利 natural affect effect peace convenience 11. ___________ v.扩张;扩展 12. ___________ n.扩张;扩展 13. ___________ adj.居住的 14. ___________ n.注意 15. ___________ adj.野生的 expand expansion residential attention wild 16. ______________ n.好处;利益 17. ______________ n.弊端 18. ______________ n.美;漂亮 19. ______________ adj.和谐的 20. ______________ n.和谐 advantage disadvantage beauty harmonious harmony 1. ____________带来;引起(=cause) 2. ___________________________ 动物栖息地的破坏 3. ________灭亡;逐渐消失 4. __________ 拆掉;拆毁 5. ______________ 毁坏森林 bring about destruction of animals' habitat die out tear down destroy forests 6. __________________在(…的)危险中;垂危 7. __________________ 保护…不受…(危害) 8. ___________ 以……比率 9. ______________________ 濒危动物 10. _____________________ 保护稀有动物 in danger (of) protect…from… at a…rate endangered animals protect rare animals 11. _________________ 对……产生影响 12. ______________________唤醒…的意识 13. ___________采取行动 14. ______导致(=result in) 15. _______________________ 关注;担心 have an effect on raise the awareness of… take action lead to be concerned about/ with 16. _______________ 注意 17. _____________________ 与…和谐相处 18. _______________砍伐树木 19. _______________________________ 把废水排放到河流里 20. _________________________ 对……产生不良的影响 pay attention to live in harmony with… cut down trees pour waste water into the rivers have a bad influence on… 1.很多人为动植物的消失而担心。 Many people are concerned about the disappearing of animals and plants. 2.我们应该提高大众对野生动植物的保护意识。 We should raise the public awareness of protecting the wildlife. 3.如果我们不采取行动保护野生动物,有朝一日它们将全部消亡。 If we don’t take action to protect wildlife, they will die out some day. 4.人们的过度捕杀导致了一些动物的灭绝。 People’s overhunting resulted in some animals’ dying out. 5. 只有这样,我们才能与动物和谐相处。 Only in this way can we live in harmony with the animals. 6. 只有当我们保护这些动物不受伤害时,它们才能在这里安宁地生活。 Only when we protect the animals from being harmed will they live in peace here. 汉语大意:随着经济迅速发展和人口增长,城市规模不断扩大,这既带来了好处又产生了问题。由于城市的扩张,当地人民享受着商业的便利,并且他们的居住条件得到了改善,同时也吸引了更多的投资。另一方面,城市扩张不可避免地对农田产生不良影响,甚至造成破坏。除了对土地造成各种污染外,野生动植物也处于危险之中,因此,我们必须注意。依我看,拆除城市里不用的建筑物可以腾出许多地方,因此不必向外扩张;同时,政府应做好周密的计划来保护野生动植物,保存自然美景。 With economic development and population growth, the city size grows larger and larger, which brings about both advantages and disadvantages. As a result of the city expansion, local people are enjoying the convenience of commercial business and their residential conditions have also improved, which leads financial investment to pour into the area as well. On the other hand, it is unavoidable to have a bad influence on farmland and even result in destruction of it when a city expands. In addition to all kinds of pollution done to the land, wildlife, is in danger and therefore, all these ought to be paid attention to. In my opinion, tearing down unusable buildings can spare many areas inside the city, so it’s unnecessary to expand outside and at the same time, careful planning should be done by the government to protect the wildlife and maintain the natural beauty. (共15张PPT) Unit 5 1. ____________ n. 音乐会 2. ____________ adj.民间的 3. ____________ n. 音乐家 4. ____________ vt.组织 5. ____________ adj.传统的 concert folk musician organize traditional 6. ____________ n. 灵感 7. ____________ adj.幽默的;诙谐的 8. ____________ vt.欣赏 9. _______________ n. 广告 10. ___________ n. 男演员;参与者 inspiration humorous appreciate advertisement actor 11. ___________ adj.吸引人的 12. ____ n. 扇子;迷;狂热者 13. ___________ n. 工具;乐器 14. ____ n. (演出等)成功;打击;打 15. ___________ adj.经典的 16. ____________ n. 表演;履行 attractive fan instrument hit classical performance 1. _________ 梦想 2. ___________参与;参加 3. _______________想要做某事 4. _______________向某人征求建议 5. _________喜欢;喜爱 dream of take part in would like to do ask sb for advice be fond of 6. ______________想出;提出 7. __________________创作歌曲 8. _________坚持 9. _________ 报名;签订(合同) 10. __________实现 come up with compose a song stick to sign up come true 11. ____________ 组建乐队 12. __________________ 爱好 13. _______________ 浪费时间 14. _________ 打碎;解体 15. ________________ 提高创造力 16. ________________ 认真对待 form a band have an appetite for a waste of time break up improve creativity be serious about 1. 空余时间里,他喜欢听流行音乐和玩电脑游戏。 In his spare time, he likes listening to pop music and playing computer games. 2. 学习音乐除了能提高小孩的创造力外,还能培养他们的许多技能,使他们终身受益。 In addition to improving creativity, learning music cultivates many skills that will continue to be useful to children throughout their lives. 3. 事实上,一个人想成为歌手或音乐家,那他必须有音乐天赋或创作歌曲的能力。 As a matter of fact, to be a singer or musician, one should have a talent for music or have the ability of composing a song. 4. 她想象有一天成为一名歌手站在舞台上表演,有歌迷为她鼓掌,一个默默无闻的她居然一夜成名。 She imagines that some day she would become a singer, standing on the stage, and performing with the fans clapping, and an unknown one hit the world overnight! 5.音乐是生活的乐趣和灵感的源泉。 Music is the source of joys and inspiration in life. 6.香港著名歌手刘德华将举行个人特别演唱会。 There will be a special personal concert given by the famous Hong Kong singer, Liu Dehua. 汉语大意: 亲爱的史密斯先生, 因为您是著名音乐家,所以我写信向您征求如何组建乐队的建议。我想与对流行音乐和现代舞感兴趣的其他班的两名男同学和三名女同学组建一支乐队。我想知道初期应该演唱一种风格的音乐还是各种不同风格的音乐;用每周周末的时间排练是否足够;我们怎样才能获得较多的表演机会。如果您愿为我们这个乐队取个名字,我们将不胜感激。盼复。 祝好。 李华 Dear Mr Smith, Since you are a well-known musician, I’m writing this letter to ask you for some advice on how to form a band. I, together with two boys and three girls in different classes in our school, who are all fond of pop music and modern dance, want to form a band. I’d like to know whether we should play one kind of music or different styles to start with, and whether it is enough to practice only at weekends. How can we get more chances to perform? We’d appreciate it if you would come up with a name for our band. Looking forward to your reply. Best wishes. Yours sincerely, Li Hua

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    (共18张PPT) Unit 1 1. _________ adj.残疾的 2. ________ adj.瞎的,盲的 3. _____ adj.结实的;坚固的;坚定的 4. ____________ adj.独立的 5. __________ adj.外向的 disabled blind firm independent outgoing 6. ______________ adj.心理(上)的 7. ___________ adj.坚韧不拔,坚持不懈 8. ___________ adj.自信的 9. ______________ n.成就 10. ___________ n.雄心,野心 psychological persevere confident achievement ambition 11. ___________ n.成功 12. ___________ n.尊严;高贵的品质 13. ___________ n.协助;援助 14. ________________ n.鼓励;奖励 15. ________ vt.惩罚,处罚 success dignity assistance encouragement punish 16. ______________ vt.祝贺;庆贺 17. __________ vt.使……不悦;惹恼 18. __________ vt.接受;接纳 19. __________ vt.尊敬 20. __________ v.控制(感情);克服 congratulate annoy accept respect overcome 1. _____________ 放弃 2. _____________取笑 3. _____________ 使……适合 4. ___________________________ 有抱负的年轻人 5. _______________ 对……有益 give up make fun of adapt...to young people with ambition be beneficial to 6. ____________闲坐着 7. ____________ 而不是 8. __________________________ 做……有困难 9. _____________________克服困难 10. _______________________ 就……向某人表达祝贺 sit around rather than have difficulty (in) doing... overcome difficulties congratulate sb. on sth. 11. _________________ 号召某人做某事 12. _________________向某人学习 13. _________________谋生 14. _________________对……有天赋 15. _________________参加 call on sb. to do sth. learn from sb. make a living have a talent for take part in 16. ________________________ 因为……获得很多奖 17. ____________ 为……而竞争 18. _________________ 不但……而且…… 19. ________________________________ 像其他人一样过着丰富多彩的生活 20. _____________________________ 下决心做某事 receive many awards for compete for not only...but also... live as rich and full a life as others do make up one’s mind to do sth. 1. 虽然双眼失明,她却没有闲坐在那里,自怨自艾。 Being blind, she never sat around feeling sorry for herself. 2. 相反,她学会了适应自己的残疾并且像其他人一样过着丰富多彩的生活。 On the contrary, she had learned to adapt to her disability and lived as rich and full a life as others do. 3. 幸运的是,她从父母和老师那里得到了许多鼓励,这使得她克服了她所遇到的所有困难。 Luckily, she gained so much encouragement from her parents and teachers, which made her overcome all the difficulties she met with. 4.海伦是我所遇到的最有耐心的老师。 Helen is as patient a teacher as I have ever met. 5.我们认为取笑残疾人是一种很粗鲁的行为。 We consider it rude for the disabled to be made fun of by others. 6. 每次他来广东,都会买很多书给福利院的残疾儿童。 Every time he comes to Guangdong, he will buy a lot of books for the disabled children in welfare centres. 7.她因自己出色的表演多次获奖。 She has received many rewards for her wonderful performance. 8.如果你有困难完成不了这项任务,可以向其他人寻求帮助,但请记住永远也不要放弃。 If you have any difficulty in fulfilling the task, you can ask others for help, but remember, never give up. 汉语大意:张海迪于1955年出生在山东济南。她是一位著名的残疾人作家,在写作方面很有天分。五岁时,她罹患了一种脊髓损伤疾病,导致她终生无法站立,都在轮椅上度过。可是她有着执着的梦想,她没有放弃希望,而是坚持自学。最终,她不仅自学完成了中小学的课程,还在1993年拿到了哲学硕士学位。并且,她的写作和翻译作品多次获奖。她的经历使我们深受感动,以至于我们敬爱的国家领导人邓小平同志也曾号召我们向她学习。 Born in Jinan, Shandong Province in 1955, Zhang Haidi, a famous disabled writer, showed us her great talent for writing. At the age of five she developed a spinal cord injury which disabled her from standing up, leaving her in a wheelchair for her whole life. Inspired by her dreams, she continued her studies by herself rather than giving up hope and as a result, not only did she fulfill her elementary school and middle school, but also she gained a master’s degree in philosophy in 1993. What’s more, she has received many rewards for her writing and translation works. Her wonderful experience has moved us a lot and even our beloved communist leader Deng Xiaoping called on us to learn from her. (共17张PPT) Unit 2 1. ________ adj.数字的;数码的 2. ____________ adj.方便的 3. ____________ adj.舒适的 4. ________________ adj.新设计的 5. ____________ adj.实际的 digital convenient comfortable newly-designed practical 6. _____________ adj.有益的 7. _____________ adj.有帮助的 8. _____________ adj.自信的 9. _____________ n.机器 10. _____________ n.满意;满足 beneficial helpful confident machine satisfaction 11. __________ n.电脑 12. ________n.渴望,希望,要求 13. ________ n.小说 14. ___________ n.里程碑 15. ________ vt. & vi.顺从,服从 computer desire fiction milestone obey 16. ___________ vt.设计 17. ___________ vt.欣赏 18. ___________ vt.控制;管理 19. ___________ vt.嫉妒;羡慕 20. __________ vt.为(计算机)编制程序 design appreciate control envy program 1. _____________________ 说服某人做某事 2. ______________ 即便,即使 3. ___________________建议做…… 4. _________________________ 一个新设计的机器人 5. _________考验,试验 persuade sb. to do sth. even though suggest doing sth. a newly-designed robot test out 6. _____________________使某人能做某事 7. _______________获得博士学位 8. _______________从……受益 9. _______________ 很有用 10. _____________________ 鼓励某人做某事 enable sb. to do sth. gain a PhD benefit from... of great use encourage sb. to do sth. 11. ________________出现,产生 12. ________________ 投入使用 13. _____________________大获成功 14. _______________________ 有着…的天赋 15. _____________________ 因为……而出名 come into being put into use achieve great success have a gift for/be gifted in be well known for 16. ______________________________ 享誉国内外 17. ____________________对某人来说方便 18. _________________________________ ___________随着科学技术的发展 19. _________________________________ _______在……起着越来越重要的作用 20. __________________允许某人做某事 be famous at home and abroad be convenient for sb. with the development of science and technology play a more and more important part in sth. have sb. doing sth. 1. 这种机器是由电脑控制的,只要你按下按钮,它就可以帮你清洗碗碟了。 This kind of machine is programmed and controlled by a computer. Once you press the button it will start washing dishes for you. 2. 为了庆祝他们结婚二十周年,他建议他们两人都休一天假来一场浪漫的烛光晚餐。 In order to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary, he suggested that they both ask for one day’s leave and have a romantic candlelight dinner. 3.直到南希要离开,他才意识到自己早已深深地爱上她了。 It was not until Nancy was to leave that he realized he had fallen in love with her. 4.即便你如此礼貌,还是得受到惩罚——我不能容忍学生迟到。 Even though you have been so polite,you have to be punished—I can’t have students arriving late. 5.他问我多大了,真是让我尴尬。 It was embarrassing that he asked me how old I am. 6.他很有写作天赋,这使得他享誉国内外。 He has a great talent for writing,which makes him well known at home and abroad. 7.当有新产品问世时,在投入使用之前,一定要进行试验。 When a new product comes into being,it must be tested out before it is put into use. 汉语大意:艾萨克·阿西莫夫出生于俄国,三岁随父母移居美国,并在那里度过余生。他有着异乎寻常的想象力和令人惊奇的睿智,这使得他能够探测未来世界,而他的很多科幻小说也是以此为背景的。并且,他的小说主角一般都是机器人,其中最著名的当属《机械公敌》。在创作的同时,他也完成了自己的学业,并于1948年获得化学博士学位,这使得他次年在波士顿大学谋得教师一职。总之,阿西莫夫是一个多才多艺的人,他的成就激励着我们每个人努力去实现自己的生物化学梦想。 Born in Russia,Isaac Asimov moved to America with his parents when he was three,where he spent the rest of his life. He had both an extraordinary imagination and an amazing mind, with which he could explore the future world, and most of his science fiction stories were based on this. What’s more, he liked choosing robots as characters in his stories, among which I,Robot is the most famous. Not only did he like writing, but also he fulfilled his studies and got his PhD in chemistry in 1948,which made him become a biochemistry teacher at Boston University the next year. All in all, Asimov was a man of many talents, who encouraged us to work hard to realize our dreams. (共16张PPT) Unit 3 1. ___________ n.海洋 2. ___________ n.潮,潮汐 3. ___________ vi.& vt.探测;探险 4. ___________ adj. 有害的 5. ___________ vi.过度捕鱼 ocean tide explore harmful overfish 6. ____________ n.鱼类 7. ____________ n.海豚 8. ____________ n.水生贝壳类动物 9. ____________ adj.太平洋的 10. ___________ n.污染物 fish dolphin shellfish Pacific pollutant 11. ____________ n.资源 12. ____________ adj.非法的 13. ____________ n.灭绝 14. ________ n.化学物质 adj.化学的 15. ____________ n.海鲜 resource illegal extinction chemical seafood 16. ______ vt.& n.禁令;禁止 17. ______ vi.倒进 18. ____________ n.环境 19. ____________ vt.危机 20. _______________ n.消失 ban pour environment endanger disappearance 1. __________________海洋循环 2. __________________海洋污染 3. __________________ 保护……免受 4. __________________生态平衡 5. __________________采取措施 ocean circulation marine pollution protect…from ecological balance take measures 6. __________________ 意识到 7. __________________工业废料 8. __________________渔业资源 9. _____________________沿海开发 10. ______________促进;有助于 be aware of industrial waste fishery resources coastal development contribute to 11. _______________海平面上升 12. _________________________ 海洋保护区 13. ________________ 可以利用的 14. ___________________对……有影响 15. ____________________生物资源 sea level rise marine conservation areas be available to have an impact on biological resources 16. ___________________海洋环境 17. ___________________水污染 18. ___________________ 全球变暖 19. ___________________ 宝库 20. _________________________ 奇妙的海底世界 marine environment water pollution global warming treasure house a wonderful undersea world 1. 政府必须考虑采取一些措施,使那些开采海洋资源的人对保护海洋资源产生兴趣。 Governments need to look at ways of giving those who exploit the resources of the sea an interest in their conservation. 2. 受气候变化、病害和沿海开发活动的影响,太平洋大部分海域珊瑚礁的死亡速度比此前认为的要快。 Coral reefs in much of the Pacific Ocean are dying faster than previously thought,with the decline driven by climate change, disease and coastal development. 3. 不列颠哥伦比亚省最大的城市坐落在太平洋岸上,拥有一个很不错的深水港,西临温哥华岛。 Situated on the ocean and possessing a fine,deep-water port,British Columbia’s largest city faces Vancouver Island to the west. 4.随着全球变暖、海平面上升与风暴潮加剧,此地的海岸侵蚀更加严重了。 With global warming,sea level rising and storm surge intensifying,the coastal erosion is exacerbated. 5.海洋环境污染已成为国际社会广泛关注的问题。 Marine pollution has been greatly concerned by the whole world. 汉语大意:沿着海滨散步有很多乐趣。很多住得离海边很远的人都很羡慕住在海附近的人。这些人有时会结成远足的旅伴,去海边过周末。看着平静的海和慢慢行驶而过的船,是一件让人愉快的事。夏天,当天气暖和、天空晴朗的时候,走在海边捡捡漂亮的卵石、贝壳和海藻,那就更有趣了。最壮观的是看着海洋在暴风雨中波涛汹涌、潮起潮落。有时,海浪就像连绵起伏的山丘。当它们咆哮地拍打着海岸的时候,会溅起一朵朵浪花。在海滨散步不仅仅是一种乐趣,海风更能给人带来很多好处。所以,建议住在海滨附近的幸运儿都去海滨散步。 There is much enjoyment to be gained by strolling along the seashore. Many people who live far away from the sea envy those who live near it. They sometimes form excursion parties and go there to spend their Sundays. To gaze upon a calm sea and watch the ships as they move steadily and quietly through the water is very pleasant. But on a summer day,when the air is warm and the sky is blue, it is more pleasant to walk on the shore and collect pretty pebbles, shells, and seaweed. However,the most wonderful scene of the sea is witnessed during a storm,when the waves rise and fall with much grandeur. At times they look like huge mountains with valleys between;and when they dash against the shore with a hiss and roar,they break into spray. Walking along the seashore is more than being a pleasure. The sea breezes are highly beneficial,so a walk along the seashore is recommendable to those who are so fortunate as to live at places where the seashore is within their easy reach. (共17张PPT) Unit 4 1. ____________ vt.分享 2. ____________ vi.参加 3. ____________ vt.捐赠 4. ____________ adj.金融的 5. ____________ n.志愿者vt.& vi.自愿做 share participate donate financial volunteer 6. ______________ adj. 重要的 7. ______________ n.幸福;快乐 8. ______________ n.伤心 9. ______________ adv.不幸地 10. _____________ vi.合作 significant happiness sorrow unfortunately co-operate 11. ______ n.品德 12. ______ n.技巧 13. _____________ n.机会 14. ___________ n.经验;经历 vt.经历 15. ___________ adj.两倍的 vi.翻倍 virtue skill opportunity experience double 16. ______________ vt.缓解 17. ______________ n.责任 18. ______________ n.友谊 19. ______________ vt.使丰富 20. ______________ vi.& vt.交流 relieve responsibility friendship enrich communicate 1. __________________ 做好事 2. __________________与……分享 3. ____________________ 积极参加 4. __________________完成任务 5. __________________需要 do a good deed share with take an active part in fulfill this task in need of 6. _____________________ 以……为豪 7. _____________________采取行动 8. _____________________来帮助某人 9. _____________________自愿做某事 10. _____________________实践技能 be proud of take action come to one’s rescue volunteer to do sth. practical skills 11. ___________________对……负责 12. ________________社交能力 13. ________________ 对……有益 14. ________________毫无疑问 15. ___________________工作经验 be responsible for social ability be beneficial to without doubt working experience 16. ___________________养成……的习惯 17. ________________对……做贡献 18. ________________为……树立榜样 19. ____________________对……有影响 20. ________________ 认为…是理所当然的 develop the habit of contribute to set an example for make a difference to take it for granted 1. 他下定决心要为人们做件好事。 He made up his mind to do a good deed for the people. 2.作为一个中国人他感到骄傲。 He is proud of being a Chinese. 3. 你是自愿做这个工作的吗? Do you volunteer to do this job? 4.许多退休的老人还能用他们丰富的经验为社会做贡献。 Many retired people can still contribute to the society with their rich experience. 5. 如果你想养成跑步的习惯,那就每天去跑步。 If you want to develop the habit of running,run every day. 6.我认为他们理所当然会支持这个主意。 I take it for granted that they will support this idea. 7. 汤姆学习很努力,为全班同学树立了一个榜样。 Tom worked hard and set an example for his classmates. 8.另一个委员会可能负责救援工作和医疗援助。 Another committee might be responsible for rescue efforts and medical assistance. 9.我认为合资经营对我们双方都是有利的。 I think a joint venture would be beneficial to both of us. 10.我们必须趁早采取行动,否则就来不及了。 We must take action before it is too late. 汉语大意:无可否认,我们所有人都会经历各种各样的感情,如伤心、快乐、生气等。快乐的时候,我喜欢与他人分享我的快乐。与人分享不但可以给自己更大的快乐,还能让别人体验到你所感受的快乐。而且,与人分享快乐还可以使别人觉得你对他人信任,从中你能收获一份友谊的同时还锻炼了你的交际能力。据说,与他人分享你的快乐可以使你的快乐翻倍,与他人分担你的悲伤可以让悲伤减半。最近,我已经学到了这个道理。 There’s no denying that we all may experience various kinds of feelings, such as sorrow,happiness,anger,etc. When delighted,I enjoy sharing my happiness with others. Sharing your happiness with others not only increases your happiness, but also gives other people the opportunity to taste the joyful moment you experienced. Moreover,sharing with others can impress others that you trust them. Thus,you can gain friendship as well as the ability of dealing with others. It is said that when you share your happiness, it will be doubled. When you share your sorrow,it will be relieved. Recently,I have learned this lesson. (共17张PPT) Unit 5 1. ____________ n.机会 2. __________ v.对……有益 3. __________ adj.积极的 4. __________ adj.消极的 5. __________ n.影响 opportunity benefit positive negative influence 6. _____________ adj.独立的 7. _____________ n.未来 8. _____________ n.文化 9. _____________ n.背景 10. _____________ n.知识 independent future culture background knowledge 11. _____________ adj.光明的 12. _____________ n.人格 13. _____________ n.经历 14. _____________ adj.想家的 15. _______________ adv.心理上 bright personality experience homesick psychologically 16. __________ v.减少 17. __________ adj.进一步的 18. __________ n.语言 reduce further language 1. __________________________ 出国深造 2. __________更喜欢 3. ____________________ 交外国朋友 4. ____________________与……相处得很好 5. _______________ 光明的未来 go abroad for further study prefer to make foreign friends get along well with... a bright future 6. __________________一个很好的机会 7. _______________希望…… 8. __________________取得很大的进步 9. _______________ 使某人受益匪浅 10. ______________有助于 a great opportunity with the hope of make rapid progress benefit sb. a lot contribute to 11. ______________ 处理 12. ______________社会活动 13. ______________________开拓视野 14. ______________________丰富知识 15. _________________________ 丰富人生经验 deal with social activity broaden one’s horizons enrich one’s knowledge enrich one’s life experience 16. _____________________有负面的影响 17. _____________________________ 利大于弊 18. ____________________________ 不同的文化与习俗 have negative impacts advantages outweigh the disadvantages different cultures and customs 19. __________________________ 为……打下坚固的基础 20. ___________________________ _______________ 人们出国留学的原因是…… lay a solid foundation for... The reason why people study abroad is that... 1.人们过度热衷于出国学习的原因有很多。 There are many reasons why people are so over-enthusiastic about studying abroad. 2.出国留学往往被视为一个能给人生带来光明未来的好机会。 Studying abroad is often considered as a great opportunity which will lead to a bright future in one’s life. 3.一些人认为国外留学令我们受益匪浅,而另一些人认为出国留学对我们有很多负面影响。 Some people hold the view that studying abroad may benefit us a lot,while others argue that it may have many negative impacts on our life. 4.频繁地接触英语使我们能更好地掌握这门语言。 Being exposed to English frequently enables us to have a good command of this language. 5.另外,它给我们提供了一个独立于父母和自力更生的大好机会,这有助于为我们将来的事业打下坚实的基础。 Besides, it also provides us with a golden opportunity to be independent of our parents and earn our own living,which contributes to laying a solid foundation for our future career. 6.了解不同的文化和习俗有助于扩大知识面、开阔视野、丰富人生的经验。 Learning about different cultures and customs helps to expand our scope of knowledge,broaden our horizons and enrich our life experience. 汉语大意:随着社会的快速发展,国内越来越多的学者和学生决定到国外进行深造,期望学到更多的知识。当然,出国留学有很多好处。它不仅可以开阔我们的视野,还能够培养我们的独立性和塑造我们的个性,也有利于我们学习外语。然而,出国留学也会带给我们很多心理问题,比方说在新环境里会感到孤独、思乡。并且,对于一个家庭来说,供养孩子到国外学习和生活也是一笔很大的开销。因此,在我看来,出国留学并不那么简单,并不是送一个人到陌生的环境,然后梦想着他有一天成为科学家或者专家。 With the rapid development of society,more and more scholars and students in our country decide to further their study abroad in order to acquire more knowledge. Definitely,studying abroad brings about many advantages. It widens students’ knowledge and horizons,meanwhile cultivates their independence and personalities, and also it benefits their foreign languages. However, studying abroad,students will be confronted with so many psychological problems, like loneliness and homesickness in a new environment. Also, it is a large expense for a family to support their children to live and study in a foreign country. In my opinion, studying abroad is not as easy as sending someone to an unacquainted environment and dreaming for him to be a future scientist or expert.

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    (共16张PPT) Unit 1 1. ______ n. 艺术 2. ______ n. 艺术家 3. __________ adj. 迷人的, 有吸引力的 4. ___________ n. 灵感 5. ___________ adj. 有创造力的 art artist attractive inspiration creative 6. ___________ n. 雕刻(术);雕刻作品 7. ___________ adj. 抽象的 8. ____________ adj. 永久的;永恒的 9. __________ n. 画廊 10. _________ adj. 典型的;有代表性的 sculpture abstract permanent gallery typical 11. ___________ adj. 有价值的 12. ___________ adj. 视觉的 13. ___________ adj. 生动的;逼真的 14. ___________ vt. 雕刻;刻记 15. ___________ vt. 展示;陈列;显露 valuable visual vivid carve display 16. ____________ vt. 象征;体现 17. ____________ n. 杰作 18. ________ n. 塑像;雕像 19. ________ adj. 现实主义的;逼真的 20. ____________ adj. 优秀的;杰出的 represent masterpiece statue realistic outstanding 1. ____________ 基于 2. ____________继承,传下来 3. ____________(对某人)有吸引力 4. ____________由……制成 5. ___________________ 吸引…的注意 be based on pass down appeal to be made of draw the attention of 6. ________________ 形成 7. ________________代表 8. ________________被称做…… 9. ________________注意,留意 10. _______________取代 come into being stand for be known as pay attention to take the place of 11. ________________ 有做……的机会 12. _____________大量 13. _____________看起来 14. _____________更喜欢 15. _____________以……著称 16. _______________美感 have the chance to a great deal look like prefer to be known for sense of beauty 17. ______________ 在……中受欢迎 18. ______________ 想起 19. ______________ 从长远来看 20. ______________ 在展示中 21. _______________________ 对……有着强烈的兴趣 be popular in think of in the long run on exhibition have a strong interest in 1.电影艺术的发展就是依靠各个国家、各种流派的相互借鉴吸收, 最终推动其成长。 The art of film should be based on its own nation and learn from other styles, which promotes its growth. 2.汤姆自小就对绘画有着强烈的兴趣。 Tom has had a strong interest in painting since he was a child. 3.中国的民间剪纸艺术有超过1000年的历史, 闻名全世界。 The art of Chinese folk papercutting with a history of more than 1, 000 years is known all over the world. 4.在我看来, 我们青少年应该把我们的传统艺术传承下去, 如京剧。 In my opinion, we teenagers should pass down our traditional art, such as Beijing Opera. 5.来自欧洲各国的300余件艺术品在这家博物馆展示。 There are over 300 artworks from all over Europe on exhibition in the museum. 6.挂在墙上的那幅画看起来像凡·高的作品。 The picture hanging on the wall looks like the work of Van Gogh. 7.毕加索的作品在世界各地都受欢迎。 The works of Picasso are popular in the world. 8.培养孩子的美感和唤醒他们对艺术的感受很重要。 It is important to cultivate children’s sense of beauty and awaken their artistic feeling. 9.戏剧的流行引起了这儿很多人的注意。 The popularity of drama drew the attention of many people here. 汉语大意:京剧在中国很受欢迎,它历史悠久,有着200多年的历史。当时的清朝皇帝对地方剧很有兴趣。18世纪末,各地方剧团来京演出庆祝皇帝80岁生日。4个来自安徽的著名剧团在庆典完毕后留在了北京。就这样,一个新剧种慢慢形成了,被称为京剧。 Beijing Opera, with a history of more than 200 years, is very popular in China. During the Qing dynasty, the emperor had a strong interest in local operas. In the late 18th century, to celebrate the emperor’s 80th birthday, local opera troupes from different parts of China came to Beijing to perform for him. Four famous troupes from Anhui Province remained in Beijing after the celebration and gradually a new type came into being, known as Beijing Opera. (共16张PPT) Unit 2 1. _________ n.诗(总称);诗意 2. _________ n. (长篇)小说 3. _________ n.小说家 4. _________ vt.改编;编写 5. ___________ n.改编本 poetry novel novelist adapt adaptation 6. ____________ n.写作;书写 7. _____________ n.文学 8. _____________ n.角色;人物 9. _____________ n. (虚构)小说 10. ____________ n.剧作家 writing literature character fiction playwright 11. ________ adj.经典的 n.名著 12. ________ adj.文学的;从事文学的 13. ________ n.论说文;散文;小品文 14. __________ n.影响 15. ________ n.戏;剧本;戏剧 classic literary essay influence drama 16. ___________ adj.有益的 17. ___________ n.奖品 18. ___________ vt.授予 n.奖品 19. ___________ n.出身;背景 20. ___________ adj.原创的 n.原作 beneficial prize award background original 1. ___________________ 对…充满热情 2. ___________________使思想成熟 3. ___________________向某人求助 4. _____________面对 5. ______________对……有益 be enthusiastic about ripen one’s thoughts turn to sb. for help be faced with be beneficial to 6. _________________丰富某人的生活 7. ___________________ 给某人带来愉悦 8. ___________________ 开阔眼界 9. ____________ 根据……改编 10. __________________ 成功的关键 enrich one’s life bring sb. happiness widen one’s horizon adapt from the key to success 11. ____________________ 对……有影响 12. ____________________克服困难 13. ____________________鼓舞某人做某事 14. ____________________为……做贡献 have an influence on overcome difficulty inspire sb. to do sth. make contributions to 15. _____________________________ 形成某人的性格 16. _____________________________ 采取积极心态 17. _____________________________ 获得诺贝尔文学奖 shape one’s character take a positive attitude win the Nobel Prize in Literature 1.他曾一度聚精会神地在看一本叫《鲁宾逊漂流记》的书。 There was a time when he was very absorbed in a book called The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. 2. 那些对文学发展做出贡献的人是令人钦佩的。 Those who make contributions to the development of literature are admirable. 3.阅读令我们受益良多。 Reading is beneficial to us a lot. 4.许多作家成功前都经历了很多困难。 Many writers had gone through many difficulties before they were successful. 5.当我弄不懂诗里面的含意时,我会向老师求助。 I will turn to my teachers for help when I can not understand what the poems try to tell us. 6.无论什么时候面对写作中的困难,她都不会轻易放弃。 Whenever she is faced with difficulties in writing,she won’t give up easily. 7.好的文学作品给人们带来愉悦。 Good literary works bring people happiness. 8.杰克在上星期的作文比赛中获得了第一名。 Jack won the top place in the Composition Contest last week. 9.我们应该采取积极的态度面对写作问题。 We should take a positive attitude towards the problems of writing. 10.多丽丝·莱辛在88岁时获得诺贝尔文学奖。 Doris Lessing won the Nobel Prize in Literature at the age of 88. 汉语大意:读好书不但对年轻人的性格发展有益,而且对个人成长也有益。对我而言,一本名叫《西游记》的书对我的一生有着巨大的影响。美猴王为了帮助唐僧完成西天取经任务,克服了许多困难,经历了艰辛的历程。读了这本书后,我不再害怕失败,而是以积极的态度对待失败。每当我面临巨大的困难,我都不会轻易放弃。 Good books are beneficial not only to the character development but to the personal growth of young people. To me, a book named Journey to the West has a great influence on my life. The Monkey King has a bitter experience when helping his master overcome a great many difficulties in order to get good results. I am not afraid of failure after I read the book, but taking a positive attitude towards it. Whenever I am faced with great difficulties, I won’t give up easily. (共16张PPT) Unit 3 1. ________ n.健康 2. ________ vt.& n. (施加)压力(于) 3. ________ n.肥胖 4. ___________ adj.& n.青少年(的) 5. ________ vt.& n.禁止 fitness stress obesity adolescent ban 6. ___________ adj.困难的;强硬的 7. ___________ vt.& vi.停止;离开 8. ___________ adj.强壮的;坚强的 9. _____________ vt.& vi.加强 10. __________ vt.放松 tough quit strong strengthen relax 11. __________ n.放松 12. __________ adj.虚弱的 13. __________ v.吸烟 n.烟 14. __________ n.吸烟者 15. __________ n.健康 relaxation weak smoke smoker health 16. _________ adj.健康的 17. _________ n.影响 18. _________ vi.& n.睡眠 19. _________ vt.张贴 20. _________ n.注意,关注 healthy effect sleep post attention 1. ___________________谋生 2. ___________________ 希望安静地生活 3. ___________________过着忙碌的生活 4. ___________________过着理想的生活 5. ___________________对……上瘾 earn a living hope to live in peace lead a busy life live an ideal life be addicted to 6. ___________________习惯于 7. ___________________染上坏习惯 8. ___________________ 增强体质 9. ___________________对……有益 10. _____________________ 唤醒意识 be accustomed to get into a bad habit build up one’s body be beneficial to arouse one’s awareness 11. ________________ 注意;留意 12. ___________________________ 对……有影响 13. ____________ 对……有害 14. _______________________ 学习到深夜 15. ________________________ 旨在;目的在于;以……为目标 pay attention to have an influence / effect on do harm to study deep into the night aim to do / aim at doing 16. __________________________________ 对自己的生活满意 17. __________________________________ 平静而悠闲的生活 18. __________________________________ 选择一种积极的生活方式 19. __________________________________ 调整自己以适应新生活 20. __________________________________ 想出另一种方式来改变我的生活 be satisfied with my life the peaceful and relaxing life choose an active lifestyle adjust oneself to the new life figure out another way to change my life 1.染上烟瘾的青少年人数多得令人担忧。 There is a disturbingly high number of teenagers who are addicted to cigarettes. 2.她习惯于早睡早起。 She is accustomed to going to bed and getting up early. 3.最近我们就学生的健康进行了调查。 Recently we have made a survey on students’ health. 4.我们睡前刷牙是可取的。 It’s advisable that we brush our teeth before going to bed. 5.因为熬夜学习,课堂上他觉得昏昏欲睡。 He feels sleepy in classes because he studies deep into the night. 6.为了唤醒父亲对健康的意识,李明提醒了他吸烟的害处。 In order to arouse his father’s attention of health, Li Ming reminded him of the bad effect of smoking. 7. 根据这项调查,烟民数量是惊人的。 According to the survey,the number of the smoking people is tremendous. 8.这项活动的主要目的是增进父母与孩子间的理解。 This activity aims to promote the understanding between parents and children. 9.由于很长时间没有进行体育锻炼,他在运动会上跑得很慢。 Not having exercised for a long time,he ran slowly in the sports meeting. 10.我们班喜欢骑车上学的同学不到20%。 Less than 20%of the students in our class like cycling to school. 汉语大意:中国政府决定,在全国室内公共场所实行禁烟,这项举措在2011年1月1日起实施,旨在创建一个无烟的室内环境。为了实现这个目标,禁烟标志已贴在所有室内公共场所。统计数据显示,中国大约有3. 5亿吸烟者,其中75%是男性,25%是女性。全国大约有5. 4亿人受到二手烟的影响,每年导致10万人死亡。 The Chinese government decided that smoking be banned in indoor public places all over the country. This decision,which was carried out from January 1st, 2011, aims to bring a complete smoke-free indoor environment. In order to achieve this goal, no-smoking signs have been put up in all indoor public places. Statistics show that China has approximately 350, 000, 000 smokers,among whom 75%are men and 25%are women. Around 540, 000, 000 people are affected by second-hand smoke,causing 100,000 deaths a year. (共17张PPT) Unit 4 1. ____________ n.& adj.塑料(的) 2. ____________ n.措施 3. ____________ vt.威胁 4. ____________ adj.低碳的 5. ____________ n.能源 plastic measure threaten low-carbon energy 6. ________ vt.& n.浪费;废弃物 7. ________ vt.污染 8. ________ adj.受污染的 9. __________ n.污染 10. _________ n.生活方式 waste pollute polluted pollution lifestyle 11. __________ adj.可重复使用的 12. __________ n.生存 13. __________ adj.可再生的 14. ____________ n.环境 15. ____________ adj.生态的 reusable existence renewable environment ecological 16. _____________ adj.环境的 17. ______________________ adj.环保的 18. _____________ n.运输(工具);交通 19. _____________ adj.可回收利用的; 可再循环的 environmental environmentally-friendly transportation recyclable 1. ____________用完 2. ____________导致 3. ____________上升 4. ____________ 对……的态度 5. ____________大多数 run out result in go up attitude to a majority of 6. ______________私家车 7. ________________________ 有限数量的 8. _______________ 采取措施(=take action) 9. ____________________ 公共交通工具 10. _____________________ 尽可能多的 private cars the limited amount of take measures public transportation as much...as possible 11. _______________而不是 12. _______________不情愿…… 13. _______________ 适应 14. ________________ 在某人看来 15. ___________________不注意 instead of be reluctant to adjust to in one’s opinion pay no attention to 16. ___________________ 生态平衡 17. __________关掉 18. ________________________ 提高…意识 19. _____________节约能源 20. _____________________电器 ecological balance turn off enhance the awareness of save energy electrical appliances 1.该是我们采取措施来阻止全球变暖的时候了。 It is high time for us to take measures to prevent the earth from getting warm. 2.上星期,我们班开展了环保调查。 Last week a survey concerning environmental protection was carried out in our class. 3.公共交通在大多数中国城市已经很发达。 Public transportation has already been well developed in most urban areas of China. 4.对我们来说,保护环境是必要的。 It is necessary for us to protect our environment. 5.有些人对他们居住的环境毫不在意。 Some people pay no attention to the environment that they live in. 6.保持环境整洁是我们的职责。 It is our obligation to keep our environment clean. 7.回收利用可再循环的东西是很重要的。 It’s important to recycle the things that can be recycled. 8.学生养成了在校园里捡起见到的垃圾的好习惯。 The students formed the good habit of picking up the litter that they saw in the school. 9. 学生们洗漱完毕后没关水龙头,而让水流个不停,这是可耻的。 It is a shame that students leave the water running without turning off the tap after washing. 汉语大意:上星期,我们学校在300多位学生中做了一项关于低碳生活的调查。当被问及他们对这种生活方式的态度时,约有83%的学生表示支持。为了保护有限的资源,他们采取很多措施,如乘坐公共交通工具上学,在日常生活中尽可能节约水电,使用对环境无害、可重复使用或可回收的环保袋而不是用塑料袋去购物。然而,剩下17%的学生认为无所谓,不想刻意改变现有的生活方式去减少碳的排放。他们认为,一个人的努力微不足道。然而,当这些个人的努力汇聚成一股集体的力量时,它将对真正的改进有重大的意义。为了保护地球,我希望有更多的人能过低碳生活。 Last week a survey concerning low-carbon life was carried out among 300 students in our school. When asked about their attitude to this lifestyle, a majority of 83% show support. In a bid to preserve the limited amount of resources, they take measures such as going to school by public transportation, saving as much water and electricity as possible in daily life, and using environmentally-friendly recyclable bags instead of plastic ones for shopping. Yet the remaining 17%seem rather indifferent and reluctant to adjust their current lifestyle to cut carbon emission. In their opinion,the effort of an individual is just too small to count. However,when these single efforts accumulate into a collective force,it will be significant enough for real improvements. So I hope more people can live a low-carbon life to protect the earth. (共16张PPT) Unit 5 1. _________ n.怒气,愤怒 2. _________ n.担忧,焦虑 3. _________ n.害怕,恐惧,担忧 4. _________ n.压力,紧张 5. _________ n.自豪,骄傲 anger anxiety fear stress pride 6. ___________ n.遗憾的事,羞愧 7. ___________ n.激情,热情,酷爱 8. ___________ vt.惊恐,恐吓 9. ____________ vt.使窘迫,使尴尬 10. ___________ vt.钦佩,赞赏,羡慕 shame passion fright embarrass admire 11. ___________ adj.紧张的 12. ___________ adj.乐观的 13. ___________ adj.积极的,明确的 14. ___________ adj.负面的,消极的 15. ___________ adj.烦闷的 tense optimistic positive negative annoyed 16. _____________ adj.坚决的 17. _____________ adj.热情的 18. _____________ adj.悲伤的 19. _____________ adj.沮丧的 20. ________ adj.焦急的,忧虑的 determined enthusiastic sorrowful discouraged anxious 1. _________________对……满意 2. _________________高兴地做 3. _______________对……有信心 4. _____________对……感到自豪 5. _________________ 和……相处 be pleased with be delighted to do be confident of be proud of get along/on with 6. _______________没有恶意 7. _____________灰心;泄气 8. _______________与某人分享…… 9. _____________ 对……感到难过、歉疚 10. _____________________________ 盼望 mean no harm lose heart share…with sb. be sorry for look forward to sth. /doing sth. 11. __________________ 作为 (…的) 回报 12. ________________ 从长远看来 13. ________________ 也就是说 14. ____________________ 对…感到失望 15. __________________背对着;不理睬 in return (for sth.) in the long term that is to say be disappointed with turn one’s back to 16. _________________________设身处地 17. _________________________ 因某事生某人的气 18. ___________________________担忧 19. ______________________ 以一种令人满意的方式 20. ____________________感到不安/ 紧张 put oneself in sb’s position be angry with sb. about sth. be worried about/ worry about in a satisfying/ satisfactory way feel/ be upset/ nervous 1.布雷克先生的问题我回答不了,这使我很窘迫。 Mr Brake embarrasses me with the difficult question I can’t answer. 2.我们焦急地度过了几个星期,等待着考试。 We had an anxious couple of weeks waiting for the test results. 3. 我们只有站在彼此的立场,才能更好地了解彼此的感受。 Only if we put ourselves in each other’s position can we have a better understanding of each other’s feelings. 4.当我们不得不生活在这多变的社会中时,如果没有决心和坚强的意志,我们就不知如何面对困难。 When we have to live in the changeable society, we might not be able to cope with difficulties without determination and a strong will. 5. 我认为,其中一个原因是你可能太害羞以至于不敢自信地和同学谈话。 One of the reasons, I believe, is that you might be too shy to talk confidently with your classmates. 6.无论我们做什么,我们理所当然认为我们能快乐地克服生活中的所有困难。 Whatever we do, we take it for granted that we can overcome all the difficulties in our life in a happy mood. 7. 首要的是,我们应尽量控制住自己的脾气并平心静气地解决问题。 Above all, we should spare no effort to control our temper and solve the problem calmly. 汉语大意:我曾经有一次类似的经历。我在一所寄宿学校读完初中。在13岁的时候,我从不处理一些日常生活上的事情,例如洗衣服、理财等等。我觉得孤独,因为我几乎不认识任何人。一开始,我不能跟同学相处得很好,我总是盼望着放假去见我的父母。我不能集中精力在学习上。随着时间的流逝,我渐渐地适应了学校的生活。我和班里的几个同学交上了朋友,而且经常参加一些提高交流技能的活动。由于我有很多有趣的事情做,最后我喜欢上了我的学校生活。现在,无论任何时候,一想起起初的寄宿学校生活,我都认为它是有教育意义和令人难忘的。 Once I had a similar experience. I finished my junior middle school in a boarding school. At the age of 13, I never dealt with the daily things, such as washing clothes, taking care of money etc. I felt lonely because I hardly knew any people. At first, I could not get on well with my classmates and I always looked forward to going on holiday to meet my parents. I could not concentrate on my subjects. As time went by, I gradually adapted myself to the school life. I made friends with several of our classmates and often took part in the activities, in which I improved my communicating skills. As I had a lot of interesting things to do, I finally enjoyed my school life. Now, whenever I think of my first boarding school life, I think it instructive and unforgettable.

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    (共18张PPT) Unit 1 1. _____________ adj. 有雄心壮志的 2. _____________ adj. 无私的 3. _____________ adj. 杰出的;著名的 4. _____________ adj. 杰出的 5. _____________ adj. 专业的 ambitious selfless distinguished outstanding professional 6. ______________ adj. 随和的 7. ______________ adj. 自信的 8. ______________ n. 成就 9. ______________ n. 锦标赛 10. _____________ n. 成功 easygoing confident achievement championship success 11. ______________ n. 决心 12. ______________ n. 象征 13. ______________ n. 里程碑 14. ______________ n. 骄傲 15. ______________ vt. 尊敬 determination symbol milestone pride respect 16. ___________ vt. 牺牲 17. ___________ vt. 欣赏 18. ___________ vt. 钦佩;欣赏 19. ___________ vt. 尊敬 20. ___________ vt. 赞扬 sacrifice appreciate admire honor praise 1. __________ 全心全意投入…… 2. ________________ 献身于…… 3. ______________________ 决心做…… 4. ______________________________ 为……做贡献 5. ____________________对……很感兴趣 commit to devote oneself to be determined to do sth. contribute to/make contributions to show great interest in 6. ____________________________ 被认为是… 7. _______________________获得硕士学位 8. ________________被……录取 9. _______________________获得冠军 10. _______________________ 得到全世界的关注 be regarded/considered as take a master’s degree be admitted to win the championship get the world’s attention 11. ___________________________ 留学深造 12. __________________ 作为……为人们所记住 13. ________________________大获成功 14. __________________________有着…的天赋 15. ______________ 在……上排名第一 go abroad for further study be remembered as achieve great success have a gift for/be gifted in rank No.1 in 16. ______________________ 因为…获得很多奖 17. _________________________ 不计名利 18. ________________________获诺贝尔奖 19. _____________________凭着无比的决心 20. __________________________________ ______ 给我们树立好榜样 receive many awards for care little for money and fame win/receive the Nobel Prize with great determination set us a good example/ set a good example for us 1.海伦·凯勒于1880年6月出生在美国,是二十世纪最杰出的女性之一。 Born in America in June, 1880, Helen Keller was one of the greatest women in the 20th century. 2.她出身贫穷,没受过什么教育。 Born into a poor family, she had little schooling. 3.邓亚萍的爱好是打乒乓球,毕业后一直从事体育事业。 Deng Yaping whose hobby is playing pingpong has devoted herself to the sports after graduation. 4. 2002年她考取了剑桥大学,主修经济学。 In 2002, she was admitted to Cambridge University where she majored in economics. 5.邓亚萍给我们树立了一个良好的榜样,所以我们都很敬重她。 Deng Yaping sets a good example for us/ sets us a good example,so all of us show great respect for her. 6.凭借着伟大的决心,她全身心地帮助盲聋儿童,为慈善事业做出了重大贡献。 With great determination, she commits to helping the blind and deaf children, which makes a great contribution to charity. 7.虽然她很出名,但她却不计名利。 Famous as she is, she cares little for money and fame. 8.她被国际上誉为“慈善之母”。 She is honored and known as “Mother of Charity” in the world. 9. 1955年后,她开始从事慈善 事业并成为国内外知名人士。 After 1955, she was engaged in charity and became a famous person at home and abroad. 汉语大意:法国物理学家居里夫人于1867年出生于波兰,从小就对物理表现出极大的兴趣。她学习很努力,但那时在波兰,女子不让上大学。因此,她决定去巴黎大学学习,并于1893年在那里成功地获得了一等物理学位。1895年,她嫁给了皮埃尔·居里,他们共同研究放射性物质。1904年,她和丈夫获得了诺贝尔物理学奖。1911年,她获得了诺贝尔化学奖。总之,居里夫人被认为是世界上第一位两次获得诺贝尔奖的伟大科学家。 Born in Poland in 1867, Madame Curie, a French physicist, showed great interest in physics when she was young. At that time she worked very hard but women were not admitted to universities in Poland, so she was determined to go and study in Paris University where she succeeded in taking a first class degree in physics in 1893. In 1895, she married Pierre Curie with whom she worked together on the research into radioactive matter. In 1904 she and her husband received the Nobel Prize for Physics and in 1911, she received a second Nobel Prize for chemistry. In a word, Madame Curie is regarded as a great scientist who is the first scientist in the world to win two Nobel Prizes. (共15张PPT) Unit 2 1. ___________ n. 质量 2. ___________ v. 种植 3. ___________ n. 庄稼 4. ___________ n. 产量 5. ___________ adj. 自然的 6. ___________ n. 饥饿 quality grow crop output natural hunger 7. _____________ v. 摆脱 8. _____________ n. 职业 9. _____________ n. 生产 10. ____________ n. 发现 11. ____________ v. 集中 12. ____________ v. 减少 rid occupation production discovery focus reduce 13. _______ adj. 美味的 14. _______ n. 根 15. ___________ n. 营养 16. ___________ adj. 营养价值高的 tasty root nutrition nutritious 1. ____________ 由于;因为 2. ___________________ 农业先锋 3. ____________使……摆脱…… 4. ____________ 食物供应 5. ______________________________ 被认为是… 6. __________________宁愿做…… thanks to agricultural pioneer rid…of… food supply be regarded as/ be considered as would rather do… 7. ______________ 集中注意力于…… 8. _____________________希望…… 9. _______________________使……免受(伤害) 10. __________________ 耕作方法 11. ______________ 另外 12. ______________ 富含…… focus on with the hope of keep...free from/ of… farming method in addition be rich in… 13. ___________导致 14. _____________________有作用 15. _____________________是……的两倍 16. _____________________每隔几年 17. _____________________寻找一种方法 18. ________________________ 使…成为可能 lead to make a difference twice as much as… every few years search for a way make it possible to do… 1.随着社会的发展,人们越来越注重健康,因此,他们总是选择被认为是健康的食物。 With the development of the society,people care more about their health,so they always choose food which is considered to be healthy. 2.化学物质停留在农作物内很长一段时间,能够致病,甚至导致癌症。 The chemicals stay inside the crops for a long time,which can lead to illnesses,even cancers. 3.有机种植的食物营养可口。 Food grown organically is tasty and nutritious. 4.农业科学家们尝试寻求一种不增加土地面积而增收稻谷的途径。 Agricultural scientists try to search for a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of the fields. 5.粮食产量的增加意味着中国仅仅7%的耕地养活了世界上22%的人口。 The increased harvests mean that 22% of the world’s people are fed from just 7% of the farmland in China. 6.使用杂交水稻种子,农民们种出的粮食比以前多了—倍。 Using hybrid rice,farmers are producing harvests twice as large as before. 7.化肥在杀死病菌和害虫的同时也会杀死有益的细菌和昆虫,从而破坏了土地。 Chemical fertilizers damage the land by killing the helpful bacteria and pests as well as the harmful ones. 8. 这些不同的有机耕作方法有着同样的目标:种植好的粮食、避免污染环境或损害人们的健康。 These many different organic farming methods have the same goal:to grow good food and avoid damaging the environment or people’s health. 汉语大意:我在澳大利亚游览期间,那儿的农业留给了我很深的印象。首先,澳大利亚的农业化使用了很多现代技术。例如,他们用电脑控制现代的农业机器。而且,他们用卫星管理农务。其次,澳大利亚的农民很干净,他们很注重外表。尽管他们要在田地里干活,但当有客人来时他们就换干净的衣服。我想,关于农业现代化,中国可以多学学澳大利亚,我希望不久我们国家的农业就会和澳大利亚在一个水平线上。 While I was travelling in Australia, the agriculture there impressed me a lot. Firstly, agriculture in Australia uses lots of modern technologies. For example, they use computer to control the modern agricultural machines. Furthermore, they use satellites to manage the farm work. Secondly, the farmers in Australia are very tidy. They look after their appearance (looks) carefully. Though they need to work hard in the field, while they have visitors they wear clean clothes. I think China can learn a lot from Australia about agriculture modernization. I hope agriculture in our country can be at the same level as Australia soon. (共17张PPT) Unit 3 1. __________ adj.滑稽的;好笑的 2. __________ adj.明显的 3. __________ adj.明显的 4. __________ adj.含蓄的 5. __________ adj.幽默的 funny obvious apparent reserved humorous 6. ___________ adj.好笑的 7. ___________ adj.令人放松的 8. ___________ adj.令人愉快的 9. ___________ adj.乐观的 10. __________ adj.令人愉快的 amusing relaxing enjoyable optimistic pleasant 11. ______________ n.幽默 12. ______________ n.欣赏 13. ______________ n.理解 14. ______________ n.喜剧 15. ______________ n.特点 humour appreciation understanding comedy feature 16. ____________ n.气氛 17. ____________ vt.使愉快 18. ____________ vt.使愉快 19. ____________ vt.使满意 20. ____________ vt.娱乐 atmosphere delight please satisfy entertain 1. ___________________ 战胜病痛 2. ______________________________ 减轻压力与悲伤 3. _________________ 延年益寿 4. _________________消除坏心情 5. _________________重拾微笑 deal better with pain reduce/lessen stress and sorrow help sb. live longer break a dark mood regain our smile 6. __________________________________ 培养幽默感 7. ____________________ 用幽默还击 8. _________________________ 建立幽默环境 9. ________________与……相比 10. __________________ 给周围的人讲笑话 develop/cultivate one’s sense of humour respond with humor create a humor environment compared with spread jokes around 11. __________________突然大笑 12. __________________有影响 13. __________________取笑 14. __________________ 给…带来欢乐 15. __________________有益于…… burst into laughter make a difference make fun of bring happiness to... be beneficial to 16. _______________________有益于…… 17. _______________________乐观的心态 18. __________________________ 提高某人受欢迎的程度 19. ____________________________________ ______________促进更好的沟通和理解 20. ______________________________________ 创造一种愉快而友好的气氛 be of much help to optimistic thinking increase one’s popularity promote better communication and understanding create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere 1.研究表明,有幽默感的成年人比认为生活无趣的人寿命长。 As the research shows, adults who have a sense of humor live longer than those who don’t find life funny. 2.但是,如果一个人有幽默感, 他就能用一种明智而健康的方式在心理上适应变化的环境。 If one has a sense of humor, however, one can mentally adapt to the changing conditions in a wise and healthy manner. 3.幽默通过创造一种愉快而友好的气氛来减轻沮丧和苦恼。 Humor can reduce distress and unhappiness by creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. 4.幽默感确实能提高一个人受欢迎的程度。 A sense of humor can certainly increase one’s popularity. 5.幽默对我们的工作、学习、生活都大有帮助,因为幽默有益于我们的身心健康。 Humor can clearly be of much help to our work, study, and life as it is beneficial to our physical and mental health. 6.为了培养幽默感, 一个人必须有开放的心胸和处理不愉快的事物的能力。 In order to develop a sense of humor, one must have an open mind and the ability to deal with unpleasant events. 7.幽默需要有广阔的知识面和乐观的心态。 Humor requires a broad range of knowledge and optimistic thinking. 汉语大意:我们知道,英式幽默和美式幽默最常见的区别就是:英国人每天都使用反语,而美国人不用。而且,同更为直接明了的美国笑话相比,带隐含意义的英国笑话显得较为隐晦。这是由于英国文化比美国文化更保守。如今,一些美国喜剧在英国取得了巨大成功,反之亦然。所以,尽管两种喜剧风格迥异,但仍能相互欣赏和理解对方的幽默感。 As we know, the most common difference between the British and the American sense of humour is that the British use irony on a daily basis, while the American don’t. Besides, compared with American jokes which are more obvious and direct, the British ones with the hidden meaning tend not to be apparent. It’s due to the fact that the British culture is more reserved than that of the United States. Nowadays, some American comedies have gained huge success in Britain and vice versa. Therefore, although there are differences between both comic styles, there is still an appreciation and understanding of the other sense of humour. (共15张PPT) Unit 4 1. ___________ adj. 易变的 2. _______ adj. 面部的 3. _________ adj. 复杂的 4. ________ adj. 漫不经心的 5. _________ adj. 敏感的 changeable facial complex casual sensitive 6. _________ adj. 相似的 7. __________ adj. 普遍的 8. ___________ n. 印象 9. _______________ n.交流 10. ________ n. 距离 similar universal impression communication distance 11. _________ n. 手势;姿势 12. ____________ n. 关系 13. __________ n. 亲密 14. _______________ vt. 误解 15. ________ vt. 表达 gesture relationship closeness misunderstand express 16. ________ vt. 反应 17. ________ vt. 传递 18. _________ vt. 口译 19. _______ vt. 显示 20. ______ vt. 隐藏 respond deliver interpret display hide 1. ________________目光的接触 2. __________________________________ 主要交际手段 3. _____________________ 在…起重要的作用 4. ______________________ …的一个重要方面 5. ____________________第一印象 eye contact the main means of communication play a crucial part in an important aspect of… the first impression 6. _______________ 与……有联系 7. ____________________人际距离 8. _______________个人空间 9. ____________________ 表达某人的感情 10. ___________________上下打量某人 be tied to interpersonal distance personal space express one’s feelings look sb. up and down 11. ______________________面部表情 12. ______________________解读肢体动作 13. ______________________盯着 14. ______________________ 传达不好的信息 15. _________________________控制不同情感 facial expression read body gestures fix one’s eyes on convey bad messages control different emotions 16. __________________ 引起反感 17. ________________________ 跨文化交流 18. _________________________ 传达好消息 19. _________________________________ ______________某人之间关系的亲密程度 20. __________________________________ 更好地与他人交流 arouse one’s dislike cross-cultural communication signal good news the degree of closeness of relationship between sb. better communicate with others 1.肢体语言是表演的一个重要部分。 Body language is an important aspect of performance. 2.一个演员的肢体语言在告诉观众他们所表演的角色方面起到重要的作用。 An actor’s body language plays a crucial part in telling the audience about the character they are playing. 3.但是我们发现第一印象以握手开始,握手为面试的余下部分定下基调。 But we found that the first impression begins with a handshake that sets the tone for the rest of the interview. 4.不可否认的是,人类交流中的93%是通过肢体语言来完成的。 It’s undeniable that 93 percent of human communication is delivered through body language. 5. 面部识别系统能使消费者调查深入到顾客的心理活动,即他们对不同的食物和广告怎样反应。 Facial recognition systems help consumer research get access to the inner world of customers:how they react to different foods and advertisements. 汉语大意:上周,我就身势语的问题采访了身势语专家张教授。张教授指出,人类93%的交流是通过身势语来传递的,这点毋庸置疑。他还指出,身势语不但能帮助我们理解隐藏的信息和秘密,而且能帮助我们更好地与人交流。另外,虽然不同文化背景下的眼神交流有着不同的意义,但眼神交流是一种衡量两个说话者之间亲密程度的方法。此外,他还提到了盯着别人的脸是不可取的,这样会引起别人的厌恶。 Last week, I had an interview with Professor Zhang, an expert on reading body gestures, concerning the issue of body language. According to Professor Zhang, it’s undeniable that 93 percent of human communication is delivered through body language. He also pointed out body language can help us not only reveal the messages and secrets hidden behind but also better communicate with others. Besides, the eye contact is one way of measuring the degree of closeness of relationship between two speakers, although there are cultural variations in the meaning of eye contact. In addition, he mentioned that it is not suggested that we fix our eyes on others’ face,which would arouse people’s dislike. (共13张PPT) Unit 5 1. ___________ n.主题;主题(曲) 2. ___________ n.消遣;娱乐 3. ___________ adj.丰富的 4. ___________ adj.先进的 5. ___________ adj.生动的 6. ___________ n.多样化 theme amusement plentiful advanced vivid variety 7. _____________ n.纪念品 8. _____________ n.复制品 9. _____________ n.奇观 10. ____________ n. 入场费 11. ____________ n.设备 12. ____________ adj.历史的 souvenir reproduction wonder admission equipment historical 13. __________ vi. & vt. 收费;主管 14. __________ n. 引人注意的东西 15. __________ n.吸引力 16. ______________ adv. 方便地 17. ___________ n.地铁 18. _____________ n.全球化 charge attraction appeal conveniently subway globalization 1. ______________ 各种各样的 2. _______________以……为基础 3. _______________牵涉;参与 4. ______________盈利 5. __________________相继地;依次地 6. __________________国内外 a variety of be based on be involved in make a profit one after another home and abroad 7. _________________ 被用来做…… 8. _________________名胜 9. _________________游乐园 10. ________________位于 11. ________________游览胜地 12. ________________以……命名 be used to do place of interest amusement park be located in tourist attraction be named after 13. _________________满足需要 14. _________________旅游 15. _________________不仅仅是…… 16. _________________ 以……而闻名 17. _________________难怪 18. _________________接近 meet one’s needs take a journey more than be famous for no wonder get close to 1.所有的展品都惟妙惟肖,好像所有的恐龙都已复活。 All the exhibits are so vivid that all the dinosaurs seem to have come to life. 2.在迪士尼乐园,人们不仅能够享受刺激的活动,而且能够近距离接触到一些迪士尼著名卡通电影里的角色,它们大小与真人一样,比如米老鼠和唐老鸭。 In Disneyland,people can not only enjoy the exciting activities there,but also get close to the life-size cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck,which appear in some of Walt Disney’s famous cartoon films. 3.来到这里,你可以看到生活在侏罗纪时代的各种各样的恐龙。 Coming here,you will find varieties of dinosaurs,which lived in the Jurassic. 4.难怪哪里有迪士尼乐园,哪里的旅游业就会发展。 No wonder tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland. 汉语大意:自从世界上第一座迪士尼乐园于1955年在加利福尼亚建成后,它就作为世界上最大的主题公园而闻名于世。此后,另外五家迪士尼乐园相继在美国的佛罗里达、日本的东京、法国的巴黎、中国的香港和上海建成。其实,迪士尼乐园不仅仅是游乐园,而且是旅游中心。游客们除了可以参加丰富多彩的活动,还可以去近海游泳或参观名胜。 Since the first Disneyland in the world was founded in California in 1955, it has been famous to the world as the world’s biggest theme park. Afterwards, five other Disneylands were founded one after another in Florida of America, Tokyo of Japan, Paris of France and Hong Kong and Shanghai of China. In fact, Disneyland is not only an amusement park, but also a tourist centre. In addition to joining in the plentiful and interesting activities, tourists can also swim in the near sea or visit the places of interest.

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    (共14张PPT) Unit 1 1. ____________ adj.科学的 2. ____________ n.技术;工艺 3. ____________ n.方便 4. ____________ vi.推断出;结束 5. ____________ adv. 渐增地 6. ____________ n.软件 scientific technology convenience conclude increasingly software 7. ____________ adj.流行的;受欢迎的 8. ____________ adj.热情的 9. ____________ adj.疯狂的;沉迷的 10. ____________ n.优点 11. ____________ n. 挑战 12. ____________ n.老鼠;鼠标 popular enthusiastic crazy advantage challenge mouse 13. __________ adv. 精神上 14. __________ n.网民 15. __________ adv. 身体上 16. __________ adj.积极的;肯定的 17. ______ vt. & n.连接;联系 18. ______ v. 冲浪 mentally netizen physically positive link surf 1. ______________________ 随着…的发展 2. ______________________ 得出结论 3. ____________ 应该受责备 4. ____________ 也,另外,此外 5. ______________________网购 with the development of draw a conclusion be to blame in addition shop on the Internet 6. __________________导致,通向 7. __________________发信息 8. __________________除……之外 9. ______________ 为…做贡献或捐款; 有助于 10. __________________ 手机 lead to send messages apart from contribute to mobile phone 11. ____________________ 对……热情 12. ________________ 对某人要求严格 13. _________________实物 14. ______________________开阔视野 15. _________________专注于…… be enthusiastic about be strict with sb. physical products broaden our knowledge be absorbed in 16. ___________________网店 17. ___________________信息产品 18. ___________________ 24小时营业 19. ___________________可以利用的 20. ___________________对……上瘾 online shop information products open 24 hours a day be available become addicted to 1.有些孩子对洋快餐迷恋到了极点, 一有机会就要去吃。 Some children become so addicted to the foreign snacks that they will go eating whenever possible. 2.这些网站主要从事实物交易, 例如服装和书籍。 The sites are mainly used to trade physical products, such as clothes and books. 3.我方能提供各种尺寸、颜色、样式的自行车现货。 Bicycles in all sizes, colours and designs are available from stock. 4.只有当你把太阳放在中心位置上时,天空中其他行星的运动才能说得清楚。 Only if you put the sun there did the movements of the other planets in the sky make sense. 5.许多退休的老人还能用他们丰富的经验为社会做贡献。 Many retired people can still contribute to the society with their rich experience. 6.旅游可以让我们增长知识、扩大视野。 Tourism can enrich our knowledge and broaden our view. 汉语大意:托马斯·爱迪生于1847年2月11日出生在俄亥俄州的米兰。他喜欢阅读、动脑筋,但他所有的功课都不令人满意。因此,所有的老师都认为在他身上花时间和精力是没用的。孩提时,他对科学非常感兴趣,建成了自己的实验室来做很多实验。实际上,他一生中拥有大约2,000种发明,其中最著名的是电灯和留声机。托马斯·爱迪生,这位把一生都献给了科学研究的人,于1931年10月18日去世。 Born in Milan, Ohio on February 11th, 1847, Thomas Edison was fond of reading and using his head, but none of his subjects were satisfying. Therefore, all the teachers thought it useless to spend time and energy on him. As a child, he showed such a strong interest in science that he set up a lab on his own, in which he could do many experiments. Actually, he had about 2000 inventions in all his life, among which the most famous were the electric light and the phonograph. Thomas Edison, after devoting all his life to the study of science, passed away on October 18th, 1931. (共18张PPT) Unit 2 1. ___________ n.地区 2. ___________ n.历史 3. ___________ n.文化 4. ___________ n.人口 5. ___________ adj.自然的 area history culture population natural 6. ___________ n.资源 7. ___________ v.使……能够 8. ___________ v.见证 9. ___________ adj.意义重大的 10. ______ adj.长久的;悠久的 resource enable witness significant long 11. _________ v.使坐落于 12. ______________ n. 贡献 13. _________ n. 奇观 14. ______________ adj.勤劳的 15. ______________ n.祖国 locate contribution wonder hard-working motherland 16. ________ n.智慧 17. ________ adj.勇敢的 18. ________ adj.官方的 19. ________ vi.由……组成;构成 20. ________ v.得益 wisdom brave official consist benefit 1. ____________ 由……组成 2. ____________位于 3. ____________也 4. _________________拥有悠久的历史 5. _________________拥有……面积 consist of be located in as well as with a long history with an area of... 6. __________________ 拥有……人口 7. _____________ 使……能够…… 8. _____________ 与……有关系; 与…有关联 9. _____________________ 有很多共同之处 10. ____________ 从……中得益 with a population of enable...to... be linked to... have much in common benefit from... 11. _____________ 对……感到骄傲 12. _____________________为…做贡献 13. _____________ 在……方面丰富 14. ________________ 尽某人最大努力 15. _________占,构成 feel proud of make contributions to... be rich in try one’s utmost make up 16. ___________________ 占有;拥有 17. ______________ 用……武装…… 18. ______________ 和谐生活 19. __________ 多亏;由于 20. __________ 发生 be in possession of... arm...with... live in harmony thanks to take place 1.中国有56个民族, 其中汉族人口最多,占了总人口的94%。 The Chinese nation consists of 56 nationalities, among which the Han Ethnic Group is the largest, making up 94% of the people. 2.中国是一个有着悠久历史和众多人口的国家。 China is a country with a long history and a large population. 3.这两个国家有很多相同之处。 The two countries have much in common. 4.中国位于亚洲的东部, 面积有960万平方公里。 China is located in the east of Asia, with an area of 9, 600, 000 square kilometers. 5.我们国家不只是物产丰富,文化也很丰富。 Our country is rich in culture as well as natural resources. 6.我们应该尽最大努力为祖国的发展做贡献。 We should try our utmost to make great contributions to the development of our motherland. 7.多亏了政府的努力, 所有人都和谐相处。 Thanks to the government’s efforts, all the people are living in harmony. 8.澳大利亚和新西兰都得益于羊毛业。 Both Australia and New Zealand benefit from wool industry. 9.我们为国家的重大进步感到骄傲。 We feel proud of our country’s significant progress. 10.自从中华人民共和国成立以来, 中国发生了巨大的变化。 Great changes have taken place in China since the People’s Republic of China was founded. 汉语大意:我的祖国——中国,她的首都是北京,她是一个有着悠久历史和丰富文化的伟大国家。她位于亚洲的东部,面积960万平方公里,人口13亿,由56个民族组成,其中汉族人口最多,占了总人口的94%。中国有很多美丽的山川河流以及丰富的自然资源。众所周知,长江是世界上最长的河流之一,还有,长城是世界七大奇观之一。中华民族是勤劳勇敢的民族。近二十年来中国发生了巨大的变化。 My motherland, China, whose capital is Beijing, is a great country with a long history and rich culture. It is located in the east of Asia, with an area of 9, 600, 000 square kilometers and a population of 1.3 billion, consisting of 56 nationalities, among which the Han Ethnic Group is the largest, making up 94% of the people. There are many beautiful mountains and rivers as well as rich natural resources in China. As we all know, the Yangtze River is among the longest rivers in the world, and the Great Wall is one of the seven wonders in the world. The Chinese people are a hard-working and brave people. Great changes have taken place in China in the past 20 years. (共16张PPT) Unit 3 1. ______________ n. 选择 2. ______________ n. 机动性 3. ______________ n. 个人 4. ______________ n. 环境 5. ______________ vt. 开发 6. ______________ vt. 保护 option mobility individual environment develop protect 7. __________ vt. 污染 8. __________ vt. 回收利用;再利用 9. __________ n. 垃圾箱 10. _________ n. 公民;居民;市民 11. _________ n. 原料;材料 12. _________ n. 指导;导游 pollute recycle dustbin citizen material guide 13. ___________ n. 运输工具;客车 14. ___________ n. 接受者;接收器 15. ___________ n. 印象 16. ___________ adj. 私人的 n. 列兵 17. ___________ adj. 快的 18. ___________ n. 景观;眼界 v. 看见 carriage receiver impression private swift sight 1. _______________ 进修 2. __________________________遵守承诺 3. ___________________树立/实现目标 4. __________________________ 和某人约会 5. _______________ 想要做 further study keep one’s word/promise set/achieve a goal have an appointment with sb. feel like doing 6. ________________________ 满足愿望? 7. _________________ 愿意;想做 8. __________________________ 为……做好充分准备? 9. ________________为……奋斗 10. __________________请求许可 satisfy/meet one’s desires would like to do be well prepared for sth. struggle for... ask for permission 11. _________________尝试…… 12. _____________________梦想做;梦见 13. ___________ 旨在…… 14. _____________________________ 希望做;想做 15. _______________ 可能做 make an attempt dream of/about doing aim to do desire/hope/wish/want to do be likely to do 16. ______________________________ 渴望做 17. ______________制定计划 18. __________________________ 从事……作为未来职业? 19. ________________ 即将做 20. __________________________ 对某人有很高的期望 be eager/anxious/ambitious to do make a plan take up...as the future career be about to do have high expectations for sb. 1.为了给大学生活做准备, 我会在暑假自理生活。此外, 我会交很多朋友来适应新的环境。 In order to prepare for my college life, I will manage my own life during the summer holiday. What’s more, I will make a lot of good friends and adapt myself to the new environment. 2.在某种程度上, 我的确理解父母的担忧, 但希望他们能给我们自由和空间来追求自己的梦想,并在试验和失败中学习。 To some extent, I do understand parents’ concerns, but I hope they will give us the freedom and chance to chase our dreams and learn by trial and error. 3.自从我意识到了规划的重要性后,我通过勤奋和规划,在英语学习中取得了更大的进步。 Since I realized the importance of a good plan, I have made greater progress in learning English through the combination of hard work and planning. 4. “地球一小时”这一全球一年一度举行的活动目的是为了提高人们对环保和气候变化的意识。 Earth Hour, an annual international event, is held with the aim of raising people’s awareness of environmental protection and climate change. 5.如果我得到这机会, 我不仅会教他们知识, 还会教他们学好英语的方法。 If I am offered the opportunity, I’ll not only teach them knowledge but also the methods to learn English well. 6.机遇只垂青有准备的人。 Chance favors only the prepared mind. 汉语大意:低碳生活对大家都有好处。为了保护环境,我总是步行或骑车上学,而不坐汽车。而且,我尽量使用可回收的物品。我离开教室从来不会忘记关灯。我认为过低碳生活是我的职责。甚至最简单的行动对环境都有很大的影响。因此,我建议我们尽可能重复使用书本。如果人人都为环境做点事情,我相信地球会更好。 Low-carbon life is good for everyone. To help the environment, I always walk or ride a bike to school instead of taking a car. Besides, I try to use things that can be recycled and I never forget to turn off the lights when I leave the classroom. I think it’s my duty to live a low-carbon life. And even the simplest activities can make a real difference to the environment. So I suggest we should reuse books as much as possible. If everyone does something for the environment, I believe the earth will be a better place. (共17张PPT) Unit 4 1. __________ adj.正确的;精确的 2. __________ adj.有回报的 3. __________ vt.取得;获得;学到 4. ____________ n.约会;任命 5. __________ n.记者 accurate rewarding acquire appointment journalist 6. ____________ vt.集中;聚集 7. _______ n.事实;事例;案件 8. _____________ adj.基本的 9. __________ n.路线;方向;过程 10. _________ vt.告知;告诉 concentrate case fundamental course inform 11. ________ vt.更新 12. ________ adj.热心的;热切的 13. ________ n.版;版本 14. ________ adj.有天资的;有天赋的 15. __________ n.意图;目的 update eager edition gifted intention 16. __________ n.& adv.其时;其间 17. __________ adj. 正常的;正规的 18. __________ n.工作;占领 19. __________ n.新闻业 20. __________ vt.致力于;从事 meanwhile normal occupation journalism commit 1. ________________全神贯注于 2. ________________ 告知某人某事 3. ________________为了(做) 4. ________________把……弄清楚 5. ________________对……敏感 concentrate on inform sb. of sth. so as to get sth. straight have a nose for 6. _________________ 拍照 7. _________________跟上 8. _________________提前 9. _________________最后 10. _________________渴望做 take a photograph keep up with ahead of time last of all be eager to do 11. ___________________时事 12. ___________________专心于 13. ____________ 开始工作 14. ___________________去采访 15. ____________ 依靠;取决于 current affairs be/get absorbed in set to work cover/go on a story depend on 16. ____________________ 说出真相 17. ____________________期待 18. ____________________约会 19. ____________________工作经验 20. ____________________安排采访 tell the truth look forward to make an appointment work experience arrange an interview 1.作为一个记者, 你需要紧跟时事, 并致力于写作。 Being a journalist, you need to keep up with the current affairs and be devoted to writing. 2.你是否能成为一名成功的记者取决于你是否足够努力。 Whether you can become a successful journalist depends on whether you work hard enough. 3.作为一名记者, 他对新闻非常敏感。 As a journalist, he has a nose for news. 4.成为一名记者的关键是经验、坚持和创造性的思维。 The key to becoming a journalist is work experience, perseverance and creative thinking. 5.如果你致力于新闻行业, 你一定能成为一名出色的记者。 If you are committed to the journalism field, you are bound to become a successful journalist. 6.这是他第一次独自去采访, 这令他非常激动。 It was the first time for him to cover a story by himself, which made him so excited. 7.在所有使你成为一名好记者的因素中, 努力是最基本的因素。 Of all the factors contributing to a good journalist, hard work is the most fundamental one. 8.据报道, 遭受水灾的人数还在上升。 It’s reported that the number of the people suffering from the flood is still rising. 9.为了把事情弄清楚, 你需要得到更多的细节信息, 让被采访人告诉你真相。 To get things straight, you need to get more details and get the interviewee to tell you the truth. 汉语大意:当记者是我的梦想。然而,我知道,成为记者的关键是要有工作经验。这就是我为什么现在在校报工作的原因。偶尔我会被派去采访发生在校园里的故事,因为他们认为我善于发现新闻。要写一个好故事,我不但要采访很多人,而且要拍很多照片,这真是要求很高的工作。尽管很辛苦,但我认为这个工作是有趣而值得的。我要继续前进,因为我相信当记者将是我余生所爱的工作。 To be a journalist is my dream. However, I know the key to becoming a journalist is work experience, which is why I am working for the school paper now. Now and then I will be sent to cover the stories happening in the campus, because they think I have a nose for news. To write a good story, not only should I interview many people, but also I should take many photographs, which is really a demanding job. Hard as it is, I find the job fun and rewarding. I’ll keep going, for I believe becoming a journalist is a job I’ll enjoy for the rest of my life. (共17张PPT) Unit 5 1. ______ vt.& n.帮助,救助,支援 2. ________ n.伤害;损害 3. __________ n.对待;治疗 4. __________ n.医院 5. ________ n.& vi.发热;发烧 aid injury treatment hospital fever 6. _________ vi.& n.咳嗽 7. _________ vt.使窒息;哽住 8. ______________ n.救护车 9. _______ n.感冒;adj.冷的 10. _____________ n.体温;温度 cough choke ambulance cold temperature 11. ______________ adj.不舒服的 12. ___________ n.头痛 13. ___________ n.手术 14. ___________ n.疾病 15. ____ n.流感 uncomfortable headache operation disease flu 16. ___________ vi.呼吸 17. ___________ adj.医疗的 18. ___________ n.症状,征兆 19. ___________ n.毒药; 毒害; vt.毒害; 投毒 breathe medical symptom poison 1. ________________生病 2. ________________ 保持健康 3. ________________吃药 4. ________________感冒 5. ________________注意 fall ill keep healthy take medicine catch a cold pay attention to 6. _________________动手术 7. _______________保护……免于 8. ___________________经常锻炼 9. _______________ 轻微地红肿 10. ______________医疗护理 have an operation protect...from do regular exercise mildly swollen medical care 11. ________________止血 12. ________________ 患上;遭遇 13. ________________苏醒 14. ________________急救 15. ________________平衡的饮食 stop the bleeding suffer from come to oneself first aid balanced diet 16. _______________住 院 17. ________________________ 人工呼吸 18. ____________ 注意;当心 19. _________________________ 身心健康 20. _____________ 受伤 in hospital a mouth-to-mouth way take care mental and physical health get injured 1.多巴胺对我们的身心健康发挥着至关重要的作用。 Dopamine plays a very important role in our mental and physical health. 2.预定今天下午为他施行手术。 He is scheduled to have an operation this afternoon. 3.为西藏等地区的妇女提供免费医疗。 Free medical care for women is provided in Tibet and other regions. 4.人工呼吸无疑是使氧气进入她的肺部并挽救她性命的最快速的办法。 Mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing is surely the quickest way to get oxygen into her lungs and save her life. 5.她建议每四小时服一回药。 She was advised to take the medicine every four hours. 6.护士在伤口上搽了些药膏来止血。 The nurse applied some ointment to the cut to stop the bleeding. 7.禽流感还会导致突然死亡。 Bird flu can also cause sudden death. 8.平衡的饮食将使你充满能量! A balanced diet will give you lots of energy! 9.如果你不穿上外套, 你会感冒的。 You’ll catch a cold if you don’t put on your coat. 10.为什么她突然生病,这是个谜。 Why she felt ill suddenly is a mystery. 汉语大意:上周六的下午,我和我的朋友正在中山公园的湖边写生,突然我们听到有个女孩在湖中呼救。我们毫不犹豫地跳入湖中把她拉出了湖面。我们用人工呼吸使她苏醒了过来。然后她被送到了医院,我们打电话给了她父母亲,他们很感激。医生们高度赞扬了我们的急救方法,这使我们意识到,急救对每个人都很重要。 On the afternoon of last Saturday, my friend and I were practising drawing by the lake in Zhongshan Park when suddenly we heard a girl calling for help in the lake. We hurried to jump into the lake without any hesitation and pulled her out of the lake. We made her breathe by using mouth-to-mouth way before she came to herself. Then she was sent to hospital and we telephoned the girl’s parents. Her parents were very thankful to us and the doctors thought highly of our first aid, which made us realize that knowing first aid is very important for everyone.

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    (共17张PPT) Unit 1 1. ___________ adj. 吸引人的 2. ___________ n. 信任;信心;信仰 3. ___________ vt. 庆祝;观察;遵守 4. ___________ vt. 赞美;羡慕 5. ___________ n. 快乐 6. ___________ vt. 交换 appealing belief observe admire merriment exchange 7. __________ adj. 精力充沛的;充满活力的 8. __________ n. 诡计;恶作剧 vt. 欺骗 9. __________ n. 烟花 10. __________ n. & vi. 起源;由来 11. __________ vi. & vt. 庆祝;过节 12. __________ adj. 宗教的 energetic trick fireworks origin celebrate religious 13. ____________ n. 节日;盛宴 14. ____________ n. 祖先;原型 15. ____________ adj. 令人愉快的 16. ____________ n. 装饰 17. ____________ vt. 原谅;饶恕 18. ____________ n. 风俗;习俗 feast ancestor delightful decoration forgive custom 1. ________________ 交换礼物 2. ________________纪念;追念 3. ________________一看到 4. ________________盼望;期待 5. ________________起源于 exchange gifts in memory of at the sight of look forward to originate from 6. __________________ 赏月 7. ___________ 出发;动身;引爆 8. _____________________玩得开心 9. ___________ 被吸引 10. __________ 打扮;装饰 admire the moon set off have a delightful time be struck dress up 11. _______________搞恶作剧;诈骗 12. _______________ 玩……开心 13. _______________日夜;昼夜 14. _______________聚集 15. _______________家庭团聚 play a trick on have fun with day and night get together family reunion 16. ______________________ 挤满了人 17. _________________________________ 庆祝节日 18. __________________ 旨在; 意在做某事 be crowded with people observe/celebrate/mark/hold the festival be meant to do sth. 1.在中国的习俗里, 人们通常在春节燃放 烟火。 In Chinese custom, people often set off fireworks on the Chinese New Year. 2.人们要扫墓、烧香, 以缅怀祖先。 People should go to clean graves and light incense in memory of their ancestors. 3.春节是每个家庭团聚的日子。 The Spring Festival is a time when each family has its members gathered together. 4.几百年来,中国人一直庆祝这个传统节日来迎接新的一年的到来。 For centuries, the Chinese have observed this traditional holiday to welcome the beginning of a new year. 5. 在我们国家,人人都渴望春节的到来,这是一家团聚、充满快乐的日子。 In our country men and women, boys and girls, all look forward to the Spring Festival, which is a time for family reunion, for enjoyment and merriment. 6.节日就是要庆祝一年中重要的日子。 Festivals are meant to celebrate important times of year. 7.他装扮成圣诞老人,然后出发前去晚会。 Dressed up as Father Christmas, he set off for the party. 8.圣诞节起源于耶稣基督。 Christmas originated from Jesus Christ. 9.节日期间,人们通常开开心心地玩游戏。 During the festival, people usually have a delightful time playing games. 10. 当在街道上行走时,丰富多彩的装饰会深深地吸引你。 When walking along the street, you would be much struck at the sight of rich and beautiful decorations. 汉语大意:中秋节是阴历八月十五,这是我们中国人民庆祝的非常有影响力的传统节日。这个节日正是远离家乡的人回家团圆的日子,与家人共进晚餐。晚饭后,孩子们玩灯笼、放烟花、嬉戏玩耍。夜晚,人们坐在一起赏月、吃月饼,月饼代表着圆满和团圆。中秋节是一个非常重要而有吸引力的节日,大家每年都非常盼望过中秋。 Falling on August 15th of the lunar calendar, the Mid-autumn Festival is an influential traditional festival observed by us Chinese. This festival is a time when those who work far away from home go back for family reunion, enjoying a large meal with their family. After dinner, children will play with their own toy lanterns or set off fireworks, having fun with each other. At night, people will sit together admiring the moon and eating mooncakes, a symbol of fullness and family togetherness. The Mid-Autumn Festival is such an appealing and important festival that everyone looks forward to it every year. (共16张PPT) Unit 2 1. _____________ n. & v. 平衡 2. _____________ n. 利益 v. 受益 3. _____________ n.健康 4. _____________ adj.健康的 5. _____________ adj.舒服的;安逸的 6. _____________ n.日常饮食 vi.节食 balance benefit health healthy comfortable diet 7. __________ n.好奇心;求知欲 8. __________ n.强项;长处;力量 9. ______ adj. 有病的;不健康的 10. _____ vi. 变得苗条 adj. 纤细的;苗条的 11. _____ adj.生的;未加工的 12. __________ adj.有臭味的 curiosity strength ill slim raw smelly 13. ___________ n.折扣 14. ___________ n. 界限 vt. 限制 15. ___________ n.消费者;顾客 16. ___________ n.营养 17. ___________ n.精力;活力 18. ___________ n.纤维;纤维制品 discount limit customer nutrition energy fibre 1. ________________ 说谎 2. ________________ 赢回 3. ________________ 减肥 4. ________________ 烹调方式 5. ________________ 谋生 6. ________________ 欠债 tell a lie/tell lies win…back lose weight ways of cooking earn one’s living in debt 7. ______________ 削减 8. ______________ 增加体重 9. ______________ 刀叉 10. _____________ 感到沮丧 11. __________________ 跟随某人进入某地 12. __________________ 迫使某人进入某地 cut down put on weight knife and fork feel frustrated follow sb. into a place drive sb. into a place 13. _____________________ 进行研究 14. ____________使某人保持健康 15. ____________窥探某人 16. _______________________ 一家新开张的餐馆 17. ____________ 结婚 18. ____________ 怒视 do some research (on) keep sb. fit spy on sb. a newly-opened restaurant get married glare at 1.再也没有什么比你保持健康更珍贵的了。 Nothing is more precious than you keep fit. 2.也许有了这些有效的方法, 我们就能够在英语学习上取得快速的突破。 Perhaps with these effective methods/ways, we could make a rapid breakthrough in the study of English. 3. 根据我的个人经验, 你和我都不可能说服他马上处理这件事。 According to my personal experience, neither you nor I am unlikely to persuade him to deal with the matter immediately. 4.只有这样, 我们才能在学习和娱乐中保持平衡。 Only in this way can we keep balance between study and pleasure. 5.为什么不坐下来谈谈呢? Why not sit down and have a talk? 6.我们最好每天让自己跑步半小时。 We’d better have us running for half an hour every day. 7. 大家都知道, 保持学习和娱乐之间的平衡非常重要。 As everybody knows, it is important to keep the balance of study and pleasure. 8.运动有益健康。 Exercise is beneficial to our health. 9.很明显他昨天没有说实话。 It was obvious that he didn’t tell the truth yesterday. 10.这场雨使我们长途旅行很困难。 The rain made it quite difficult for us to go on a long journey. 汉语大意:上周,我们班举行了“健康心理标准”的主题班会。一方面,学生应当善于与别人沟通,特别是悲伤的时候要大胆地向他人倾诉。另一方面,乐于助人、学会感恩是有益健康的。还有,要积极锻炼,时刻保持乐观心态。此外,不嫉妒、不伤害他人也是有益的。最后,作为学生,我们必须要有理想并在学习上有上进心。 Last week a topic class meeting about “The Standard of Healthy Mood” was held in our class. On the one hand, students should be good at communicating with others and especially speak out when having some sorrow. On the other hand, it is healthy to be ready to help others and learn to thank those who have helped you. What’s more, have sports positively and keep a good mood all the time. Besides, it is good not to be jealous about others and don’t do harm to others. At last, as a student, we must have ambition and long to make progress in study. (共17张PPT) Unit 3 1. _________ n.小说 2. _________ n.财富;宝库 vt. 珍视 3. _________ n.财富 4. _________ adj.有钱的;富有的 5. _________ n.说明 6. ___________ n.财产 novel treasure wealth wealthy account possession 7. ___________ adj.难以置信的 8. ___________ n.耐性 9. ___________ adv. 仅仅 10. __________ adv. 真正地 11. __________ v. 成功 12. ___________ v. 积累 incredible patience simply indeed succeed accumulate 13. ____________ adj.未付款的 14. ____________ n.健康 15. ____________ adj.健康的 16. ____________ v. 捐赠 17. ____________ n.幸福 18. ____________ vt. & vi. 允许 unpaid health healthy donate happiness permit 1. __________________ 有成就 2. __________________ 即将要做某事 3. __________________ 积累财富 4. ____________等同于 5. ____________ 导致; 为……作解释 achieve something be about to do sth. accumulate wealth equal to... account for 6. _____________ 说实话 7. _____________关于; 至于 8. _____________处理 9. __________ 抚养; 培养; 教育; 提出 10. ________________对……有影响 to be honest as for deal with bring up have an effect on 11. ______________ 与此相反; 正相反 12. ___________即使 13. ___________偶然; 无意中; 不小心 14. ________________网上购物 15. ___________给……带来…… on the contrary even if by accident online shopping bring...to... 16. ______________ 冒险 17. ______________ 打赌 18. ______________ 从……中受益 19. _______________________________ 对……持有不同的意见 20. _______________________________ 随着经济的发展 take a chance make a bet benefit from hold different opinions on with the development of the economy 1.人们常常说时间就是金钱, 但事实上时间比金钱更珍贵。 People often say time is money, but in fact time is more valuable than money. 2.不同的人对金钱有不同的看法。 Different people hold different opinions on money. 3.但是, 有些人认为钱不是最重要的, 因为健康和才智对人来说才是最重要的。 However, others think money is not the most important for the reason that health and intelligence are vital to people. 4.如果我有机会得到这笔钱,我会把其中一部分用来支付我的大学学费,然后把剩下的捐给去年在地震中受难的孩子们。 If I had the chance to get that money, I would first set aside some of them for my university education and then donate the rest to the children who suffered from the earthquake last May. 5. 最后, 健康体魄也是你积累财富的资本。 Finally, a healthy body is also necessary for accumulating wealth. 6.因此, 健康远比财富重要。 Therefore, health is much more important than wealth. 7. 谈到浪费钱财,我买这辆车就是个恰当的例子。我每天都要在车上面花钱。 Talking of wasting money, my buying this car is a case in point. Every day I spend money on my car. 8. 随着互联网的发展,很多人喜欢网上购物,因为网上购物既方便也可以节省时间。 With the development of the Internet, many individuals favour online shopping because online shopping is more convenient and can save shoppers’ time. 汉语大意:今天我要给你们介绍马克·吐温写的一部叫《百万英镑》的小说。用幽默、讽刺的语言,马克·吐温成功地描述了一个美国穷小子亨利·亚当斯在伦敦的奇遇。伦敦的两位富翁打赌,把一张无法兑现的百万支票借给亨利,看他在一个月后如何收场。一个月的期限到了,亨利不仅没有饿死或者被拘捕,反倒成了百万富翁, 并且赢得了一位漂亮小姐的爱情。这是对故事的简介,我希望你们会喜欢读马克·吐温的这篇代表作。 Today, I am going to introduce to you a novel called The Million Pound Bank Note written by Mark Twain. Through humorous and sarcastic language, Mark Twain successfully described a fortuitous adventure of Herry Adams, a poor American young man in London. Two rich men in London had a bet on him and wanted to see what would become of him a month later if they gave him a million pound bank note which couldn’t be cashed. A month later, Herry wasn’t starved nor arrested, but became a millionaire instead. What’s more, he even won the love of a pretty lady. This is a brief introduction to the story and I hope you will enjoy reading this representative work of Mark Twain. (共16张PPT) Unit 4 1. ____________ adj.猛烈的;激烈的 2. ____________ adj.基本的,基础的 3. ____________ adj.有害的 4. ____________ adj.温和的;文雅的 5. ____________ adj.光荣的,荣耀的 violent fundamental harmful gentle glorious 6. _____________ n.天文学 7. _____________ n.系统;体系;制度 8. _____________ n.学说;理论 9. _____________ n.万有引力;重力 10. ____________ n.卫星;人造卫星 astronomy system theory gravity satellite 11. ____________ n.气候 12. ____________ n.太空行走 13. ____________ n.大气层;气氛 14. ____________ n.宇宙飞船 15. ____________ n.物理学家 climate spacewalk atmosphere spaceship physicist 16. _________ n.氧气 17. _________ vt.& vi.碰撞;坠落 18. _________ n.& vt.拉(力);拖;牵引 19. _________ vt.发射 20. _________ vt. 探险;考察 oxygen crash pull launch explore 1. ________________太阳系 2. ________________及时;终于 3. ________________发射人造卫星 4. ________________轮到某人 5. ________________阻止;制止 solar system in time launch a satellite in one’s turn prevent...from 6. ___________ 感到高兴;感到振奋 7. __________________载人宇宙飞船 8. ___________突发;爆发 9. ___________ 密切注视;当心;提防 10. ______________一天的行程 cheer up manned spaceship break out watch out a one-day trip 11. __________________ 面对面的交谈 12. __________________ 实现某人的梦想 13. ______________ 对……有害 14. ______________依赖;依靠 15. ______________对……感到自豪 a face-to-face talk realize one’s dream be harmful to depend on be proud of 16. ____________________开始产生; 成立 17. ____________________暂时; 目前 18. __________________________ A是B的三倍大 19. _________________________________ ____________随着科学技术的发展 20. _________________________________ 使生命发展成为可能 come into existence for the time being A is three times as big as B with the development of science and technology make it possible for life to develop 1.我有每天写英语日记的习惯。 I make it a rule to keep an English diary every day. 2.还不知道怎么解决这个问题。 How to solve the problem remains unknown. 3. 我们在哪里召开会议并不重要。 It makes no difference where we shall have the meeting. 4. 战士们在争分夺秒地工作, 设法把人们从瓦砾中活着救出来。 The soldier are working against time to try and get people out of the rubble alive. 5.既然我已经写好了我们所需要的所有东西, 就该由你来负责购买了。 Now that I have written down all the things we need, then it’s your turn to buy all the items for us. 6. 妈妈一番激励的话语让我很振奋, 家里的气氛也放松了下来。 The atmosphere in the house relaxed after my mother’s inspiring talk cheered me up. 7.气候的突变使得有些物种濒临灭绝。 The sudden change in climate prevents some kinds of species from existing. 8.暂时, 它不会对你有什么危害; 但当它燃烧时你最好当心点。 For the time being, it will not be harmful to you’ but you’d better watch out when it’s burning. 汉语大意:杨利伟于1965年出生于辽宁省的一个普通家庭,1987年加入了中国空军,在空中的飞行时间为1350小时。杨利伟经过五年多的训练后,于2003年10月15日上午9时乘坐“神舟五号”飞船进入太空,环绕地球飞行了14圈。在太空中他记录下了他看到的一切,并向电视机前的观众展示了中国国旗和联合国的旗帜。在太空中度过了21小时后,他于次日早晨6时23分平安返回地面,使中国成为继俄罗斯和美国之后成功将人送入太空的第三个国家。我们所有中国人民都为我们的第一位宇航员杨利伟感到骄傲。 Born in an ordinary family in Liaoning Province in 1965, Yang Liwei became a pilot in Chinese Air Force in 1987, spending 1, 350 hours in the air. Having been trained for 5 years, Yang was sent into space at 9: 00 a.m on October 15th, 2003 by China’s Shenzhou Ⅴ spaceship, which orbited the earth 14 times. In space, he recorded everything he saw and showed both China’s national flag and the United Nations’ flag to the people watching TV at home. After a 21-hour trip to space, he landed safely at 6: 23 a.m. the next day, making China the third country that has successfully sent a person into space after Russia and the USA. All of us Chinese are proud of our first spaceman — Yang Liwei. (共15张PPT) Unit 5 1. ___________ n. 加拿大人 2. ___________ n. 洲 3. ___________ n.行李 4. ___________ n. 风景 5. ___________ n.千米 6. ___________ vt. 包围 Canadian continent baggage scenery kilometer surround 7. ______________ n.海港 8. ______________ n. 纪念品 9. ______________ n. 边界 10. ______________ adj.多山的 11. ______________ n. 英亩 12. ______________ vt. 与……为邻 harbour souvenir border mountainous acre neighbor 13. ________ n. 灌木 14. ________ n. 枫树 15. ________ n. 霜 16. ________ adj.富有的 17. ________ adj.有雾的 18. ___________ adj.市区的 bush maple frost wealthy misty downtown 1. __________________旅游景点 2. __________________ 去……旅行 3. __________________在大西洋海岸 4. __________________迷人的景色 5. _______________________横跨整个大洲 tourist attractions be on a trip to on the Atlantic coast fascinating scenery cross the whole continent 6. ______________________ 大量的历史遗迹 7. ________________ 往东走 8. __________________在多伦多机场 9. ________________ 在火车上 10. _______________ 定居 a wealth of historical relics go eastward at Toronto Airport aboard the train settle down 11. ________________ 度假胜地 12. _____________________________ 游览观光 13. ________________因……而出名 14. ________________有着……的面积 15. ________________美国边界 vacation spots spend one’s time in sightseeing be famous for with an area of... the USA border 16. _____________市区 17. __________________ 下午三点起飞 18. _____________动身去…… 19. _____________去旅行 20. _____________在黎明 an urban area take off at 3: 00 p.m. leave for go on a tour at dawn 1.从埃菲尔铁塔上你可以看到巴黎全景。 You can have a view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower. 2.这座城市占地面积达7 434平方公里, 人口大约是1000万。 Covering a total area of 7, 434 square kilometers, this city has a population of about ten million. 3.我们居住的这个国家比其他国家拥有更多的淡水(资源)。 This country where we live has more fresh water than any other country in the world. 4.我的家乡 毗邻香港, 位于广东省。 My hometown, neighboring on Hong Kong, is located in Guangdong Province. 5.我想向你介绍一下我的家乡。 I would like to introduce my hometown to you. 6.加拿大是一个多元化国家, 是世界第二大国。 Canada is a multicultural country, which is the second largest country in the world. 7.加拿大的人口仅3000万多一点。 The population of Canada is only slightly over thirty million. 8.广州是一座拥有约1300万人口的城市,有2200多年的历史了。 Guangzhou, a city with a population of about thirteen million, has a history of more than 2, 200 years. 汉语大意:广裕祠位于广东省广州市从化区钱岗村,占地面积900平方米,据说建于1426至1435年间。在最初建成后,经过历代数次修葺,其中7次有文字记载。它是广东第一个被发现的有确切建筑年代的古建筑。当地村民和政府珍爱文化遗产,对它进行精心的保护与必要的修复。在他们的巨大努力下,2003年广裕祠获联合国文化遗产保护大奖一等奖。很荣幸向您介绍了广裕祠,希望您能亲自来此地参观。 Located in Qiangang Village in Conghua district in Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province,Guangyu Temple,which covers an area of 900 square meters,is said to be built between 1426 and 1435. After it was first built, major repairs were constantly done in different dynasties, seven of which were recorded. It is the first discovery of ancient buildings with exact building time in our province. The local villagers and government treasure the grand relic and protect it with great care and repair it when necessary. Because of their great efforts, in 2003, Guangyu Temple won the first prize of the UN Award of the Cultural Relics Conservation. I feel proud to introduce Guangyu Temple to you. I hope you can come here to have a look yourself.

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    (共16张PPT) Unit 1 1. ______________ n.移民 2. ______________ adv.大约地 3. ______________ n.国籍 4. ______________ n.种族 5. _______________ v.吸收 immigrant approximately nationality race absorb 6. _____________ n.合作 7. _____________ v.维持 8. _____________ n.& v.改革 9. _____________ v.混合 10. ___________ adj.意义深远的 cooperation maintain reform mix significant 11. ____________ v.扩展 12. ____________ n.政策 13. ____________ n.移居入境 14. ____________ n.申请人 15. ____________ n.文化 expand policy immigration applicant culture 16. _____________ n.习俗 17. _____________ adj.多元文化的 18. _____________ n.宗教 19. _______________ n.多元文化 20. _____________ v.巩固 custom multicultural religion multiculturalism enhance 1. ____________涌入 2. _______________________ 增长到最顶峰 3. _____________ 发生 4. ___________________事实上 5. _____________寻找 crowd into achieve the highest growth take place as a matter of fact in search of 6. _______________ 发财 7. ___________梦想 8. ___________直到现在 9. _________ 把……添加到…… 10. _______被运用 make a fortune dream of up to now add...to... in use 11. _______________ 大多数 12. ________包含,吸收 13. ____________ 在……中发挥作用 14. _______________在……进程中 15. _______________ 对……有影响 the majority of take in play a part in in the process of have an effect on 16. _______________与……合作 17. ______________________对……有贡献 18. _______________ 大范围的…… 19. ______________________ 全球化趋势 20. ___________把……与……混合 co-operate with make a contribution to a wide range of the trend of globalization mix...with... 1.世界五百强想尽各种办法疯狂涌入中国市场。 Fortune 500 crowd into China market by all possible means. 2. 我们渴望与想拓展国外市场的美国公司合作。 We desire to co-operate with American companies that want to expand abroad. 3.昨天,学生会吸纳了一名新成员。 Our Students’ Union took in a new member yesterday. 4.目前,在全球化趋势的影响下,多元文化在社会发展方面起着更加重要的作用。 Nowadays multiculturalism plays a more significant part in the development of society under the influence of the trend of globalization. 5. 当谈到美国繁荣昌盛的电影行业时,大多数人会认为其文化的多元性是最重要的因素。 When it comes to the flourishing industry of film in the USA,the majority of people consider multiculturalism as the most important factor. 6. 在中国,多民族杂居在一起。 Many races are mixed with one another in China. 7. 去年,许多移民者怀着发财梦去了美国。 Many settlers,dreaming of making a fortune,moved to America last year. 汉语大意:在19世纪,美国、澳大利亚、加拿大和南非都发生过大淘金热,其中最著名的要数发生在加利福尼亚的淘金热。詹姆斯?马歇尔于1848年1月24日在加利福尼亚萨特的磨坊发现了黄金。消息立即传了出去,国内外一群梦想发财的人迅速涌往新发现的金矿区去淘金。时至今天,人们普遍认为淘金热是加利福尼亚历史上意义最重大的事件之一。有趣的是,它给英语语言增添了新的词汇和表达方式,对英语产生了巨大的影响。事实上,“淘金”这一词组本身直到加利福尼亚淘金热结束后才广泛被人们使用。 In the 19th century, the gold rush took place in several countries such as the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa and so on, and the one in California may be the most notable. The gold rush began on January 24, 1848, when gold was discovered by James Marshall at Sutter’s Mill,California. News of the discovery soon spread, and many people dreaming of making a fortune quickly crowded into the newly found place from the rest of the United States and abroad in search of gold. Up to now,it is widely accepted that the gold rush(1848~1855)was one of the most significant events in California’s history. Interestingly,it also had a considerable effect on the English language by adding a list of new words and expressions to it. As a matter of fact, not until the California gold rush was over was the phrase “gold rush” itself generally in use. (共17张PPT) Unit 2 1. _____________ n.优点 2. _____________ n.缺点,短处 3. _____________ n.保护 4. _____________ n.发明,创造 5. _____________ vt.涉及 advantage disadvantage protection invention involve 6. _________ adj.医学的,医疗的 7. _________ adj.有害的 8. _________ n.过程,程序 9. _____________ n.成就 10. _________ v.分析 medical harmful process achievement analyse 11. ____________ adj.成功的 12. ____________ v.做手术;实施 13. ____________ vt.影响 14. ______________ n.发展,开发 15. ______________ adj.危险的 successful operate affect development dangerous 16. ___________ vi.不赞成;反对 17. ___________ adj.迅速的 18. ___________ vt.禁止;不准;阻止 19. ___________ n.分析,分析结果 20. ___________ adj.人造的,人工的 object rapid forbid analysis man-made 1. _____________进行;实施 2. ________________________起很大作用 3. _____________反对 4. _____________导致 5. _____________ 例如 6. _________________ 对……谨慎 carry out make a great difference object to lead to for example be cautious about 7. _________________ 改变某人的生活 8. ____________ 各种各样的 9. ____________ 应用 10. ___________________冒险做…… 11. _________________成功地做…… change one’s life all kinds of apply to run the risk of doing succeed in doing 12. _____________ 得益于;从……获益 13. ______________________大获成功 14. _________________代替 15. _________________ 期望;盼望 16. ______________________ 对……很感兴趣 benefit from achieve great success take the place of look forward to show a great interest in 17. ____________________ 吸引某人的注意力 18. ___________________________________ 为……做贡献 19. ___________________________________ 献身于…… 20. ___________________________________ 高人类的生活质量 draw one’s attention contribute to / make contributions to devote oneself to / dedicate oneself to improve the quality of life for humans 1.直到1997年,科学家才成功地克隆了哺乳类动物,即世界闻名的“多莉”羊。 It was not until 1997 that scientists successfully cloned the first mammal,the now world-famous sheep known as Dolly. 2.一些科学家想用克隆动物的方法来制造人类的皮肤、器官与其他身体部位。 Some scientists want to apply the methods used in cloning animals to produce skin,organs,and other body parts for humans. 3. 人类试图充当上帝来治疗世上的伤残和疾病这种做法,其他人是对此质疑的。 Others question whether it is right to “Play God” in an attempt to cure the disabilities and diseases of this world. 4.例如,肺癌患者可能仅需换个健康的肺。 For example, people with lung cancer may simply have their lungs replaced with healthy ones. 5.科学家也期待着有一天坐轮椅的人能再站起来。 Scientists also look forward to the day when people in wheelchairs can stand again. 6.许多人担心克隆对社会可能造成的影响。 Many people fear the effects cloning could have on our society. 7.克隆可以为人类做出巨大的贡献。 Cloning can make a great contribution to human beings. 8.我们不再需要担心濒临灭绝的动物。 We no longer need to worry about the endangered animals. 9.制造许多克隆人意味着要面临与人类同样的人口问题的风险。 Producing many clones runs the risk of creating a population that is entirely the same. 汉语大意:假如我会克隆,我一定会帮助没有孩子的父母拥有孩子。我会克隆很多人体器官,让每一个需要移植器官的人都重新获得生命。这样,就不会有那么多的悲伤和痛苦。相反,换来的是一阵阵的喜悦、一张张的笑脸和一个个幸福美满的家庭。 If I could clone, I would be bound to help the parents who don’t have their own children. I would clone a lot of human organs,so I can let those who need organ transplant regain their lives. Therefore,there will not be so much sorrow and misery. On the contrary,there will be waves of joy,the smiling faces as well as happy families in our world. (共16张PPT) Unit 3 1. ____________ adj.数码的 2. ____________ adj.方便的 3. ____________ n.手提电脑 4. ____________ n.信息 5. ____________ n.革命 digital convenient laptop information revolution 6. ____________ n.多媒体 7. ____________ n.互联网 8. ____________ n.太空 9. ____________ n.卫星 10. ___________ n.趋势 multimedia Internet space satellite trend 11. __________ vt.下载 12. __________ n.发动机 13. ___________ n.网址 14. ___________ adj.高速度的 15. ___________ adj.高科技的 download engine site high-speed high-tech 16. ______________ adj.电子的 17. ______________ n.技术 18. ______________ adj.难以想象的 19. ______________ adj.传统的 20. ______________ adj.高效率的 electronic technology unimaginable traditional efficient 1. ________________容纳 2. ________________各种各样 3. ________________ 在……的帮助下 4. ________________在网络上 5. ________________充满 take in a variety of with the help of on the Internet be full of 6. ___________________另一方面 7. ___________________带来 8. ___________________影响 9. ___________________ 潜在危险 10. ___________________集中 on the other hand bring about have an effect on potential danger concentrate on 11. ________________ 注意 12. ________________ 至于 13. _________________ 你所要做的 14. _________________研究中心 15. ______________________克服困难 pay attention to as for all you have to do research center overcome the difficulty 16. ________________ 渗透到 17. ___________________________ 做某事有困难 18. ___________________________ 新兴技术产业 spill over into have some difficulty in doing sth. emerging technology industries 19. _______________________________ 先进的科学技术 20. _______________________________ _______________________ 随着科技的迅速发展 advanced science and technology with the rapid development of science and technology 1. 随着科学技术的迅速发展,各种各样的高科技产品渗透到了生活中的各个领域。 With the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of high-tech products have spilled over into each field in living. 2. 这是未来网络科技的发展趋势,我们的生活将会变得更加便捷。 It is the trend for future Internet technology which will make our life more convenient. 3.你所要做的就是下载一些应用程序,有了它们,你的学习过程就会变得愈加轻松高效。 All you have to do is to download some apps,which can make your study more fun and efficient. 4. 在电脑和网络的帮助下,只要点击一下鼠标就可以搜索你想要的信息。 With the help of computer and the Internet,people can search for needed information just by clicking the mouse. 5.与传统的教学手段相比,多媒体辅助教学有着明显的优势。 Compared with traditional teaching methods,CAI( Computer Aided Instruction) teaching method has the obvious superiority. 6.电子垃圾已成为危害人们生活的严重隐患。 Electronic waste has become a potential danger to our life. 汉语大意:自从问世以来,汽车已经成为世界上最重要的交通工具之一。汽车对全世界人的生活方式都产生了极大的影响。汽车的好处是,与过去步行或骑马相比,人们能够乘坐汽车更快速地到达任何地方。汽车的坏处是,汽车是全世界空气污染的主要来源,产生了所谓的温室效应。 Since its invention, the automobile has become one of the most important means of transport in the world. Automobiles have a great effect on the lifestyles of almost all people in the world. On the positive side,compared with on foot or riding a horse in the past,people can go anywhere by car more rapidly .On the negative side,automobiles are the main source of air pollution in the world which creates the so-called greenhouse effect. (共17张PPT) Unit 4 1. ___________ n.经验;经历vt. 经历 2. _____________ n.校长 3. ___________ vi.犹豫 4. ___________ adv.尤其;特别 5. __________ adj.理想的 experience headmaster hesitate especially ideal 6. ___________ adj.感激的 7. ___________ n. 影响 8. ___________ adj.光辉灿烂的 9. ___________ n.尊敬 10. _________ adj.有野心的;有志气的 grateful influence brilliant respect ambitious 11. ____________ adv.热心地 12. ____________ vt.克服 13. _______________ n.鼓励 14. ________ n.身份;地位 15. ________ adj.高级的 heartily overcome encouragement status senior 16. ____________ adj.值得尊敬的 17. ____________ adv.匆忙地 18. ____________ adj.可信任的 19. ____________ vt.庆祝 20. ____________ vt.责备 respectable hurriedly trusty celebrate blame 1. ______________________ 因为某事感激某人 2. ________________________ 结识;与…相见 3. _______________震惊;惊讶 4. __________________一般来说 5. ______________尽力做某事 be grateful to sb. for sth. make one’s acquaintance in amazement generally speaking try one’s best 6. ____________________ 当谈到或说到…… 7. ____________________ 成功做某事 8. _________________ 向某人寻求帮助 9. _____________ 坚持某事 10. _____________________________ 力求上进 when it comes to... succeed in doing sth. ask sb. for help stick to sth. be ambitious to improve oneself 11. ______________ 倾盆大雨 12. _______放弃 13. ____________________ 对某人很有用 14. ________________________ 克服许多困难 15. ________________________祝贺某人某事 pour with rain give up be of great use to sb. overcome many difficulties congratulate sb. on sth. 16. ______________从……毕业 17. ____________________ 与某人沟通或交流 18. ______________________决心做某事 19. ___________________________ 对…有影响 20. _____________________________________ 在某人的鼓励和支持下 graduate from communicate with sb. be determined to do sth. have an influence on sb./sth. with the encouragement and support of sb. 1.一般来说,比起受到别人的批评,人们更喜欢受到别人的表扬。 Generally speaking,people like being praised rather than criticized by others. 2.尽管他们身体残疾,但是,遇到困难的时候,他们很少向别人寻求帮助。 Though they are physically disabled,they seldom ask others for help when in trouble. 3.众所周知,父母对我们的人生有很大的影响。 As is known to all,parents have a great influence on our lives. 4.我很荣幸此刻与你相识并成为朋友。 I am honoured to make your acquaintance as a friend at the moment. 5.我们恭喜你,考试及格了。 We congratulated you on having passed the examination. 6.他昨天说的话对你和你的家人都很有用。 What he said yesterday is of great use to you and your family. 7.麦克很感激他的父母把他抚养成人。 Mike was very grateful to his parents for bringing him up. 8.他们觉得很容易和老师沟通。 They find it easy to communicate with their teachers. 9.当我告诉她那个令人兴奋的消息时,她惊讶地看着我。 When I told her the exciting news,she looked at me in amazement. 10.在他们的帮助下,我努力学习并成功地进入一所重点大学。 With their help,I tried my best to study hard and succeeded in entering a key university. 汉语大意:谈到真爱,得从父母说起。16岁初中毕业以后,我犹豫着是否要继续上学。我的父亲是一名贫苦的农民,他轻轻地抚摸着我的肩膀对我说,如果我继续坚持我的梦想并力求上进,我一定会有一个美好的未来。在父亲的鼓励和支持下,我克服了生活中的许多困难,并且后来成功地考上了一所理想的大学。因此,我的经历告诉我,只要我们不放弃希望,希望也永远不会放弃我们。 When it comes to true love,it starts with parents. After graduating from junior middle school at the age of 16,I hesitated whether I should continue to go to school. Being a poor farmer,my father touched my shoulder gently and said I could have a brilliant future if I stuck to my dream and were ambitious to improve myself. With the encouragement and support of my father,I have overcome many difficulties in my life and succeeded in going to an ideal university at last. Therefore,my experience tells me that as long as we don’t give up hope,hope will never give us up. (共16张PPT) Unit 5 1. ____________ adj. 古代的 2. ____________ n.祖先 3. ____________ adj. 著名的 4. ____________ n.祖国 5. ____________ adj. 文明的 6. ____________ n.多样性 ancient ancestor celebrated homeland civilized diversity 7. ________________ adj. 思想开放的 8. ____________ v. 保护 9. ____________ n.洞穴 10. ___________ v. 保存 11. ___________ adj. 原始的 12. ___________ n.文化 open-minded protect cave preserve primitive culture 13. ___________ adj. 迅速的 14. ___________ n.迁移 15. ___________ adj. 遥远的 16. ___________ n.起源 17. ___________ n.记忆 18. ___________ n.骨头 swift migration remote origin memory bone 1. _______________________古迹 2. _______________________传递 3. _______________________ 灿烂的文化 4. _____________________________弘扬民族文化 historical spot be passed down brilliant culture carry forward national culture 5. ________________ 文化遗产 6. ______________________________ 文化古迹 7. ______________ 民族自豪感 8. ______________ 以……为骄傲 cultural heritage cultural objects and historic relics national pride take pride in 9. ________________________扩大视野 10. ____________________推动 11. ____________________追溯到 12. ____________________ 北京人遗址 broaden one’s horizons give a push to date back to Peking people site 13. ___________________带领某人参观 14. ___________________ 世界文化遗产名单 15. ___________________变成传奇故事 16. ___________________远古传说 show sb. around World Heritage List become a legend ancient legend 1.他可以把先祖追溯到詹姆斯一世。 He could trace his ancestors back to James I. 2.她已拜过她的祖先。 She has worshipped her ancestors. 3.罗马人修建这些纪念碑来颂扬他们杰出的祖先。 The Romans built these monuments in memory of their illustrious ancestors. 4.这两个物种有一个共同的祖先。 The two species share a common ancestor. 5.我们烧香来纪念我们的祖先。 We light incense in memory of our ancestors. 6.西方的万圣节也起源于人们对死者灵魂的回归所持有的古老信仰。 The Western holiday Halloween also had its origin in old beliefs about the return of the spirits of dead people. 7.那是个活着的传奇人物。 The man was a living legend. 8.建造这幢房子的人就是房子现在的拥有人的一位直系祖先。 The builder of the house is a direct ancestor of the present owner. 亲爱的吉姆, 我有好消息要告诉你。有一个关于“孔子及其思想”的讲座,主讲人是王教授,讲座地点是一号教学楼三楼302室。该讲座将于5月16日星期六上午的8点到11点举行,共持续三个小时。据我所知,你喜欢中国文化,因此,我想邀请你来参加。 本次活动主要包括三个部分:两小时听报告,半小时讨论,三十分钟孔子经典名句朗读。 如果你能来,我将非常高兴。盼望你早日回复。 你的朋友, 李华 Dear Jim, I have good news to tell you. There will be a speech about “Confucious and Confucianism” made by Professor Wang in Room 302 on the third floor of No.1 building. The talk will last three hours from 8 to 11 on May 16th Saturday. As I know, you like the culture of China, so I’d like to invite you to attend it. The activity mainly consists of three parts, two-hour listening and half an hour’s discussion as well as thirty minutes’ Confucius classic reading. I will be very glad if you come. Looking forward to your early reply. Yours, Li Hua

  • ID:4-6156588 人教版高三英语专题复习 Proof-reading 短文改错课件(28张ppt+教案)


    教 学 设 计
    姓 名
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    学 科
    英 语
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    高三英语专题复习 Proof-reading 短文改错
    Step 1 Warm up
    Raise questions:
    What troubles you most when solving proof-reading
    Brainstorm & group talking
    Step 2 Rules of answers
    Give instructions
    To remember these rules, and be familiar with the question features.
    Step 3 Golden rules
    ①design typical questions for students, and help to figure out the frequent points in NEMT.
    ① Task 1 find and correct mistakes
    Task 2 group talking: tell the kinds of mistakes
    ②Introduce the Golden rules.
    ②Read and get rudimentary understanding
    ③Provide students with practice related to verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.

  • ID:4-6155108 高三二轮复习 短文填空策略指导课件(15张pp+教案+测试)


    二轮复习短 文填空策略指导:15张PPT
    How to do passage correcting
    教学对象为高三学生。学生已经做了多次短文改错,对该题型有了一定的了解。但是由于学生的基础比较薄弱,缺乏做题技巧,在做题过程中只凭感觉,不会分析,导致失分严重。程度好一点的同学能改出7-8处错误,不能拿到满分。同时学生对短文改错有畏惧情绪,没有信心。所以在教学过程中, 以学生为主体,让学生体验与分析高考真题把握命题规律,在做题中总结考点并探究合理有效的解题方法,用策略提升自己的改错能力。
    点阵笔互动课堂PPclass 互动教学系统、电子白板。(利用点阵数码笔,在点阵讲义和自有课件上书写,书写内容被实时的传送到电子白板上。一个学生一支笔,实现纸笔互动教学课堂。)
    Step1:【Explanation of the Examination Outline】
    Ask students to read the Outline and find out three types of mistakes.
    二轮复习短 文填空策略指导.doc
    二轮复习短 文填空策略指导.ppt
    二轮复习短 文填空策略指导测试.doc

  • ID:4-6152131 高考英语二轮复习 定语从句--关系词的选择 课件(25张PPT)


    定语从句--关系词的选择:25张PPTThe Attributive Clause

    Step1 Lead- in
    Listen and fill
    She is a girl.
    She is a girl.
    She is a girl sells matches in the street for a living.